My Children

We have three beautiful children and we can all agree that our family is complete now :)

Our daughter Jaina is 15. She loves to sing and participates in many chorus groups.  Her favorite singers are Adele, Megan Trainor, and Andy Grammer. She is also a huge fan of Disney songs and can often be heard singing "How Far I'll Go" from Moana in the shower. She loves watching You Tube videos of families surprising their kids with Disney World trips. She secretly hopes that we do the same for her one day :)

90% of her free time is spent watching Anime, reading Manga, and dreaming about going to Japan.

Jayce is our middle kid and only son. He is 12. His favorite things are Minecraft, Mario Kart 8, and begging us for an Xbox each Christmas. (Still hasn't worked!) He likes to program and create games on scratch. He does very well in school and academics come easy to him. His favorite subjects are math and science. His favorite books are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

Jocelyn is the baby of our family and has quite the personality. She has a fierce love for Piglet and Perry the Platypus. She is an excellent artist and also enjoys singing like her brother and sister.


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