Sunday, April 29, 2012

Three Months

I know, I know, I know...

I'm three days late with this post. It doesn't mean I love her any less but it does mean that she's the third child for sure!

At 3 months old, you are:

-reaching for toys and putting them in your mouth
-rolling from tummy to back
-wearing a size 1 diaper still, but a 2 fits as well
-about to outgrow all your 0-3 month clothes
-nursing about every 2 hours or so
-sleeping 8-12 hours straight through at night
-still loves to be swaddled
-will only take a pacifier if you are sleepy and have a full tummy
-will take a bottle of breastmilk 75% of the time its offered.
-cooing back at whomever will talk to you
-loves to play on the floor, sit in the bouncy chair, or be in the kangaroo hold in the ring sling
-still having some tummy issues and fussiness in the evenings. Reflux?
-smiling all the time
-and only mommy can make you giggle :)

Monday, April 23, 2012


Its that time of the year again...

You have to ask yourself the question, "Who really wanted Jayce to get a Green Lantern inflatable kite?"

I guess it doesn't really matter. Jayce would have been super excited to fly a kite, even if it had been Strawberry Shortcake or something.

Jaina's spongebob kite had some issues and wouldn't stay in the air long. She ended up just chillin' with me and Jocelyn on the blanket.

And the best part of the day?

Getting  a picture of all my three kids together.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Zoo

I haven't posted much about our Spring Break which happened a few weeks ago because honestly, we didn't do much to post about. I just reveled in the fact that I did not have to wake up to an alarm or pack lunches for 5 days straight. That was a great Spring Break to me!

We did, however, drive to the Zoo one day during that week.

It might have only been April, but it was HOT! Poor Jocelyn was sweating in her carseat/stroller the entire time.

You know... I really think our zoo needs a Rhinoceros.

It certainly had enough monkeys :)

Rusty the Red Panda was trying to hide from us that day. I think this little guy is the most photographed animal by me. Both Jaina and Jayce have matching Red Panda stuffed animals that are very special to them.

I just don't know how I feel about zoos in general. On one hand, I like how zoos have helped endangered species increase their numbers. I like all the research they do so we can know more about all sorts of animals. I think that the animals at the zoo are well taken care of.

But on the other hand, my heart aches for these animals that they may never know their true home in the wild. No matter how nice a zoo it is, its still captivity. And that makes me sort of sad.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stray Dog

And NO, we are not keeping him.

We are enjoying being a "one dog" family.

And Brian doesn't care for big dogs (and this dog will be BIG!)

But Jaina's already in love with him.

And he is awfully cute...

Please send all the "find the owner" vibes you can for this poor sweet lost puppy!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Milliken Family Day

So, I normally don't advertise where my husband works. This is the internet, after all. Giving out too much personal information can be dangerous.

I have a feeling, though, if someone really wanted to stalk my family and kidnap my husband, they could easily find out this information on their own. And chances are the kidnappers would return my pain-in-the-ass husband pretty quickly anyway.

Brian has been an employee at this local textile company for almost 15 years. Yes, I, too, am astounded that people have put up for him this long. The man does know his programming. And his boss assures me that his teamwork skills and office political awareness are improving each year. :)

Milliken has long since had a policy that only associates (or invited visitors over the age of 16) can enter any of the buildings. This is for insurance purposes and other reasons.

Try explaining to your kids why they can't ever see where Daddy works. Its tough. For a while, Jaina tried to convince one of Brian's bosses that she needed a name tag so she could enter the building and sit at Daddy's desk.

Who knows who came up with the great idea, but someone decided there should be a Milliken Family Day last weekend. It would be an opportunity for associate's families to come tour the facility and the new innovative gallery. They also had bouncy houses for the kids and a free supper of burgers and fries.

Posing with a portrait of Roger Milliken (1915-2010)

 A display of just some of the many products that Milliken has a hand in making.

 Brian and the kids try out some washable markers.

Colored duct tape

Jaina waited a loooong time in line to get a animal balloon. As soon as her turn was almost up, Jayce decided he wanted one, too. Unfortunately, the balloon performer had already closed his line to any more kids. Jaina asked him to make her  brother a balloon and she would go without. The man made them both something :)

Yep, they served beer and wine. Pretty cool.

Then it was time to go upstairs and see where Daddy spends 9 hours every day.

 Yes, I know she has spit up on her shirt. I am way too lazy to try to photoshop that out.

 Jayce called everyone whose number he had memorized.

 Agent P is always watching.

 Brian's coworker has a serious candy addiction.

Jaina and Jayce took a box and contemplated where to hide it.

 I'll blame the above picture on the kids :)

 Brian has so many toys on his desk, its a miracle he has any room left for anything else!

 Very outdated pictures of the kids. Jayce was 2.5 years old and Jaina was 5.5 years old. I plan to remedy this frame situation soon!

Of course Brian had to "check on a few things" while we were up at his desk.

Our family had the BEST time there. We told everyone we ran into that we really appreciated the effort put forth in Milliken's first Family Day weekend event. I think, and certainly hope, there will be more in the future!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Easter in an Eggshell

I think I use that title for all my Easter posts :)

Anyway, I have a ton of pictures to post and absolutely no energy to talk about them. Just know that we dyed a lot of eggs (in both SC and GA!), decorated cookies, went to a crawfish boil at my friend's house, had fun with Grandma Kim, forgot to set my white balance correctly for the majority of my Easter Sunday pictures (hence black and white), and watched the baby lay around a lot.