Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Despite the sickness

I've been managing to go on with daily life.

I usually just interject a nap here and there.

And don't think for a minute that my "daily life" includes any kind of housework or cooking. I told my husband not to expect any of that to come back until my 2nd trimester, thank you very much.

Remember when I said before that I have a hard time saying "NO!"?

Well, its been like that with me, morning sickness, and photo shoots. I just can't say "No." On one hand, its been good for me to get out and be around people and use it as a distraction from my general state of ill-being.

On the other hand, I've been very worried that I'll throw up during a session. Thank goodness that has NOT happened! I did get a migraine after shooting Allie's wedding, but I managed to wait until I was home before having to pop some serious (and mildly safe) pain meds.

But it was so worth it.

Just one image from their special day. So far, its my favorite.

But since I still have a good 500 images left to go through on my hard drive and another 500+ to finish uploading, I could possibly change my mind :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tie Dyed Shirts

My kids both had the experience of tie-dying t-shirts at school this year. Jayce's class made shirts for field day, whereas Jaina's class just did it for fun. Both of them begged me to buy supplies to do some of our own. I promised as soon as school was out, we'd go for it.

So, on Memorial Day, we got all our stuff ready.

Then I hired two really good dye mixers:

I haven't tie-dyed since I was a little kid and I really didn't remember how to do it. Thank goodness for the internet! It showed us how to make spiral shirts.

Basically, you lay your white t-shirt out flat on a table. Then using a fork or your finger, you start twirling in the middle of the shirt, like you would to pick up a forkful of spaghetti. Keep twisting until the entire shirt is in a spiral. Then use a lot of rubber bands.

It advises you to use 3 colors, with the palest first. My kids basically did whatever they wanted with theirs and I followed the directions with Brian's shirt. I first put 1/2 of the spiral into the yellow. Then I rotated the shirt a quarter turn and put it in blue. Then I rotated it again and put it in red. This means some of the colors ended up overlapping to create orange and purple and green.

And I wonder why Brian's turned out the best?? :)

It was fun and not very messy! We'll probably do this activity again. I've gotten a kick out of how often Brian's worn his shirt.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 10 Midwife Appointment

"Now, don't worry, but sometimes it takes us a little while to find the heart beat at this stage of gestation," my new midwife Amy cautioned me as she put the doppler to my already bulging belly.

Immediately we heard a fast flutter (in the 170's) from the lower right section.

I think it was safe to say that we found the baby :)

My kids were a tad disappointed not to see the baby on the screen, despite me reminding them several times that the Birth Center does not have an ultrasound machine.

I will actually be having an ultrasound at my next prenatal appointment, however, it will be at the hospital setting and there is no way I'm taking my wild kids with me to that one. They couldn't even get along and play with the provided toys at the birth center for 50 minutes!

So, if you haven't guessed yet, I'm one of those hippie crunchy moms who likes to do the natural birth thing (yes, without drugs!) under the care of a midwife and not an OB/GYN. Even though I gave birth to my last two children in the hospital setting with a Certified Nurse Midwife, I knew immediately I did not want to repeat the hospital setting. Since my husband is against home births (because of the mess, not the controversial safety issue), a birth center birth is the perfect alternative. I can take the mess of childbirth over to their house instead :)

Why do I not want a hospital birth?
- I have an extreme lack of confidence in our local hospital system. The personal experiences are too numerous to even count on this blog.
- The hospital's view that a typical birth experience needs medical intervention.
- The pressure to induce, get an epidural, circumcise, and put your baby in the nursery at night.
- The lack of breastfeeding support.
- The pressure to immunize immediately after birth.
- The necessity to stay a full 24-48 hours after birth, even with no complications.
- The constant barrage of nurses, doctors, and interns that come into your room to either bother you or the baby.
- The "no siblings" rule during the birth. (Yes, we are actually going to have Jaina and Jayce present during the birth of this one!)

Please rest assured that we will transfer to the hospital at the first sign of any maternal or fetal distress or complication. Nor will the midwives agree to keep me in their care if my pregnancy becomes high risk.

But for now, I am extremely comfortable with my decision to use lay midwives at our local birthing center. Just not comfortable, actually excited! Maybe because I've forgotten how much birth can hurt!

Soon it will be time to break out the Bradley Method books again!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm still alive


I'm blogging from the comfort of my bedside laptop, which unfortunately, means no pictures.

Morning sickness is actually the best for me, ironically, in the morning. Its the afternoon/evening when I feel like hell on earth. So this morning I tried not taking a zofran tablet. I was pretty much regretting my decision by 10 AM.

Distraction seems to help. I can't possibly live in my bed for the next few weeks until my first trimester passes, so I've been trying to keep up with all my normal stuff. As long as I take the zofran, I don't puke. And I can tolerate food. That may not sound like much, but believe me, its SO much better than the alternative.

But through this all, I've felt like a horrible mother. My kids and I had so many plans this summer. We've barely done anything on our list. Instead they've watched way too much TV and eaten way too many bags of chips that they can reach in the pantry.

And I have wept with joy and relief at 5:30 every day this week when I've dropped them off at Vacation Bible School for three hours. For three hours they have fun with their friends and I have a date on my couch with no one bothering me.

I know this will pass. And I'll (hopefully) I can look back at this in a couple of weeks (or months, or years) and say, "Wow, those x amount of weeks really sucked! Thank goodness it was for only that short time!"

Cause when you are in the midst of the tunnel, sometimes its really hard to see the light at the end of it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Too Many Donuts

Don't you just love the stage of pregnancy where all your regular clothes don't fit, most maternity stuff is too big still, and people keep glancing at your midsection trying to determine if you really are pregnant or just ate way too many donuts?

Yep, that's me at 8 weeks pregnant when this photo was taken in my bedroom mirror. I had just received my mail ordered Jason Mraz shirts that day and I wanted to try them on to see if I could get by wearing them for at least a few weeks.

Sigh. I think I'll put this shirt up for a while and stick with loose flowing tops that hide my 3rd baby bulge that seemed to be there as soon as I got a positive on the pregnancy test.

And for all you lucky women who didn't have to wear maternity clothes until weeks 16-20?

You may not comment :)

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Park with Friends

Before my morning sickness hit an all time high, but after my intestinal obstruction mishap, I had one weekend free from tummy issues. And it happened to be the weekend that our good friends from Pennsylvania came to visit :)

Kelly and her kids had forgotten what it was like to be in the South in the summer time. With highs in the upper 90's, they were quickly reminded!

Luckily, there was plenty of water.

But boy did their faces get red in a hurry!

The kids couldn't wait to go to the park, but after 15 minutes there, both Kelly and I heard a lot of "Ugh! Its hot! When can we go home and play DS?"

We just shooed them off to play some more.

Well, not everyone played.

And not everyone wanted their photo taken, either.

But the moms got to sit around and chat and THAT was the important thing :)

Kelly, our family misses yours so much already! Promise me you'll make this a yearly visit down South, okay?

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Morning (and noon and night) Sickness


Nothing can take that "I just found out I'm expecting!" glow away from a newly pregnant woman like the dreaded Morning Sickness can.

Its almost enough to make me wonder why I even wanted to be pregnant again.

Almost :)

What I do regret, however, is bragging about how little morning sickness I had with my pregnancies with Jaina and Jayce. No wonder I got the evil eye from so many of my mommy friends. I truly did not understand what they meant until now. So, my apologies! Karma is certainly making up for lost time.

So far I'm trying all the tricks in the book to make this time more manageable. I'm taking prescription Zofran, vitamin B6, eating more protein, eating small and frequent meals (even when I don't feel like eating), sipping on ginger ale throughout the day, and I even went and bought those Sea Band thingys that use accupressure on your wrist points.

Any other advice or "This worked for me!" would be greatly appreciated.

I'm so behind on blogging. For my sanity and peace of mind, I'll probably just let all of it go. I eventually will post about our tie-dyeing adventure, just because I promised a friend, but it is going to have to wait until I feel better again.

I'll still be catching up on your blogs from my laptop on my bed. Just no new posts from me here for a while. Thank you for your understanding!