Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Are you a "Nice" King? :: Truck Or Treat

My crazy Fall photography schedule booked up fast this year. Some clients even requested session dates for October and November back in August. Most of the time, this is great. Its not so great when you don't know in advance what weekends you need to be "off" as to not miss stuff with your family.

The local church's Trunk Or Treat event was this past Sunday. And I had two sessions and a birthday party to attend. I attempted to arrange the time of the last shoot to allow me to only be 30 minutes late to Trunk or Treat. Unfortunately, traffic had other plans. I got caught in dead stopped traffic on the way home from the birthday party due to two accidents on both East and West bound lanes on the highway.

My first clients were super understanding and agreed to a mini session at their home, just a few miles away from the accident site. Yet, I was still 30 minutes late in meeting them.

My second clients agreed to push their session back 30 minutes so I was able to speed to my next location and get there before the sun set. But, there went any hope of making it to Trunk Or Treat on time.

Brian stepped up and got all three kids ready in costume and took them over with our neighbors.

I arrived just in time to see them on a hay ride.

I could spot them easily due to my husband's costume. He was the Ice King from Adventure Time.

By the time I got there, Jaina had taken off her Fiona hat and wig ("Its TOO hot!!") and Jocelyn was making Jaina hold her Finn hat and backpack and sword. Jayce soon chunked his backpack and hat, too.

So, I was left with some blue kids. Many people asked if they were dressed as Smurfs. Ha ha ha!!

But I knew I could count on the Ice King to remain in costume for me :)

I love to go up to him and ask, "Are you a NICE King?" because it makes Jocelyn laugh. There was a whole episode where a princess misheard The Ice King's name and thought he said he was a Nice King instead :) The Ice King is NOT a Nice King, btw :)

There was no time for me to even think about putting on my costume on Sunday, but its ready to go for Halloween!! I'm so excited!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Break. Or something like that.

Well, time has flown by. Last week marked the end of the first 9 week grading period at school. Since there are only four of them, that means this school year is already a quarter over. Craziness.

Teachers across the county had to stay late two nights last week to conduct parent teacher conferences. They were able to take a very well deserved day off work on Friday. Yay for NO SCHOOL!! As much as I like my quiet house, I dislike making lunches and prodding kids out the door more. And don't get me started on carpool lines.

Us Walkers were planning on going to the Zoo in Columbia, SC. We haven't been since Jaina was a preschooler with Baby Jayce in a stroller.

Yet, as the date approached, our friends dropped out one by one. Kids will ruin the best laid plans for sure.

Jaina was invited by a friend to go to Sky Top Orchard for the day, so that left me, Jayce, and Jocelyn with nothing to do. My mom was off of work as well (preschool teacher), so we decided to take her up to Rutherfordton, NC to visit the children's museum.

Rutherford Co schools were in session so the place was practically empty.

My kids refer to this place as the Fire Truck Museum. This is why:

Jocelyn refused to have her picture made with the dalmatian statue. She usually loves dalmatians, too.

Next up was the Weather Channel room.

Jocelyn was a very bossy camera operator.

When it was her turn with the microphone, she let loose with a version of "Let it Go" instead of the weather report.

Then it was off to the store...

Then came Jayce's favorite room... tornadoes and wind tunnels!

While Grandma and Jayce stayed in there, I took Jocelyn to the 5 and Under room next door.

Jayce surprised me by wanting to go into the Arts and Craft section. We've only been to this museum about 10 times and I don't think he's ever been in there.

Jocelyn tried her hand at climbing the DNA strand. Its pretty tricky... especially for a 2 year old!

Downstairs we went. First stop was the infinity mirrors.

(Yes, I'm wearing gloves. My hands freeze if its below 75 degrees outside! Florida born and bred, thank you very much.)

I was able to relax at the "Cafe" and was served a meal by Jocelyn

Jayce explained kinetic energy to my mom:

And we got soapy in the bubble room.

The high light of our trip was the Garden Tour. We didn't even know this place had a garden! That's what you get for always visiting over Christmas break!

Jayce's favorite part was the beehive, after he figured out that the bees couldn't get to him.

Jocelyn liked the crafts.

I think the garden was meant for us :)