Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jocelyn's Third Birthday

About a week after she turned two last year, big sister Jaina started talking to Jocelyn about her third birthday. "And you can get mommy and daddy to take you to Chuck E. Cheese! And it will be so much fun! You love Chuck E. Cheese!"

I wish that Brian and I could say the same about the overcrowded sensory-overload animatronic money pit.

Yet every time a commercial for Chuck E. Cheese would come on, Jocelyn would point to the TV and say, "I'm going to go there! For my birthday!"

There was no talking her out of it.

Now, don't be shocked, but you may not realize that I have a tendency to go overboard for my kids' birthdays. I may not be able to recreate party favors that are pinterest worthy, but that doesn't stop me from trying.

Last year, Jocelyn was sick on her actual birthday. We opted to just take her to McDonald's (her favorite restaurant at the time) and let her play and eat dinner there instead of having a formal party with invited guests. It made me sad, if I am being honest. I have a lot of friends with small children (and big ones, too!) and my theory is "the more the merrier". Brian's theory doesn't match. In fact, its the opposite. "I hate people. And I'm paying for this supposed party so I get to veto all the guests you want to invite."

Which is how we ended up at Chuck E. Cheese with more adult guests than actual kids at our "not party". To be fair, Jocelyn didn't care. Next birthday she'll be in preschool and I'll have some how convinced my husband that we must invite all of her little classmates in 3K. She's got plenty of time to have big friend parties.

(Besides, I'm already planning Jayce's! )

So, Jocelyn got to eat pizza, dance with Chuck E., open presents, eat cake, and waste tokens. Her birthday was a success in her eyes.

Her cake was made by one of Brian's friend's fiancé who is trying to start up her own cake business. We ran into her around the holidays and started chatting about cakes. I feel guilty that Jocelyn wanted such a complicated design. Hopefully we didn't ruin her desire for wanting to bake cakes for the future public.

Brobee in cake form was HUGE. I'm not lying when I say that we have two huge casserole containers full of leftover cake. This cake probably could have easily served 30-40 people.

Happy Birthday to my dear Jocelyn. And may your sister never put birthday ideas into your head again. :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Last day of Two

Little Miss has an awfully big day turning THREE tomorrow and like typical Walker fashion, we started celebrating early.

She's had her eyes set on this Magic Kingdom Little People Playset since before Christmas.

She was so excited to go to the store and pick it up today. (Mommy is just glad they still had them in stock! Whew!)

She begged to open the box up in the car, but since we live exactly 5 minutes from Wal-mart, we felt that she could wait until we got home.

We are huge Fisher Price Little People fans around here. All three kids have loved their toys. Not many of Jaina and Jayce's sets lasted through the years due to destructive dogs.  Its been fun buying the new and updated versions for Jocelyn.

Since Jocelyn is one of the biggest Disney World fans ever, this was pretty much the perfect present.

We had a wonderful day celebrating our friend Logan's birthday. More on his party later! :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Freak of Nature


The following photographs might make my northern readers feel wistful, amazed, or even upset.

  Yep, that's Jocelyn in a swimsuit with a watering can in the driveway.
It was almost 70 degrees that day.

And here she is playing on the back deck, in the shade, in a short sleeved dress up outfit.

Yes, I know its January and our high should be 40 degrees, not 70. I have no idea what caused this unheard of heat wave, but boy did we take advantage of it.

Brian had a helper when he washed the cars last Monday.

And yesterday, we played in the sandbox with the temperature in the 60's.

Usually an unexpected heat wave leads the way for SNOW, if you can believe it. We actually had the S-Word in our forecast this weekend but it changed. Instead of being 21 degrees with precipitation, our temperature is hovering around 37. Just cold and wet and nasty. So, please, no need to feel jealous of our southern weather any more.

Now that we've had a taste of Spring, I think we all can't wait until Winter is over.

What is the temperature where YOU are??

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Potty Training

There are few things that I truly dread as a parent; teething, sleepless nights, stomach bugs, and potty training make the list.

Yet, all kids stop wearing diapers eventually. Jocelyn decided to stop wearing diapers on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 6:15 PM. That was the exact moment she found out that you have to be out of diapers to dance in the ballet and tap class at the dance studio.

"I don't wear diapers any more. I pee pee in the potty now. I a big girl and I go to dance class. Will you buy me a leotard?"

So, we tried it the next day. She had five successes and three accidents. Not bad for a first day.

The next day was harder. I had to go to the library (where she had an accident all over the carpeted floor) and then to the LLL meeting. Jocelyn was scared to use the potty there so she cried the whole meeting about needing to pee, but actually wouldn't go. She peed on my bed as soon as we got home. Sigh.

Friday was better in terms of accidents, but she also started holding her urine for 4, then 6, then 8 hours the next two days. I was so worried she was going to get an UTI. She refused to go. Not in the potty, not in a pull up, not in a diaper. Talk about stubborn child! And remember, this was HER idea to even potty train!

On Sunday, I convinced her to just wear a diaper. She soaked through two in a row but finally understood that she needed to pee and I didn't care where it was.

On Monday, she announced she was wearing underwear and not wearing diapers again. I braced myself for holding, but she went all day long! Whew! I put a pull up on her in the car, but other than that, she had zero accidents all week long! I felt like she was really getting the hang of this potty thing.

Of course, she wouldn't go anywhere but her Minnie Mouse Potty. We even took it to our friend's house on Wednesday and she had zero accidents there.

All week long, we continued to bring our pink Minnie Mouse potty everywhere we went.

Then I had my procedure done at the hospital and potty training went right back out the window.

Jocelyn is now back in diapers full time. She says she'll go pee pee in the potty tomorrow. She doesn't want to go to dance class quite yet.

Stay tuned for the latest update in this continuing saga...

Monday, January 19, 2015

My Unexpected Hospital Stay

My neurosurgeon, Dr. Webb, wanted to get a really good look at my brain aneurysm so she could make a game plan in order to treat it. I was scheduled to have an angiogram on Friday, January 16th, at 11:00 AM.

An angiogram is a test where they go up through the artery in your leg/groin area with a camera so they can look at the blood vessels in your heart or brain. I was awake for the procedure, but they gave me medicine to relax me.

I remember the procedure. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. Actually, I thought they were still prepping me when they announced that they were done. Removing the sheath (the camera) felt uncomfortable but wasn't horrible.

After that, I just remember snippets. I remember being pissed off that Brian couldn't find Days of Our Lives on NBC because the President was talking. I remember Brian telling the nurse that our ICU password was "Beavis" (like, in Beavis and Butthead". I remember not being able to see distinct facial features or shapes. Everything was blurry lights and I couldn't focus.

Supposedly I lost time from noon until 6 AM the next day.

During that time, I was just out of it. Brian said it was like I was talking in my sleep. I wasn't making any sense.

Brian said that I scared everyone pretty bad. I kept complaining that I didn't feel good but I couldn't explain why. I couldn't respond to anyone. I couldn't squeeze the nurse's fingers or wiggle my toes. I didn't know my name or Brian's. I just kept saying, "Thank you!". Brian said I was the politest crazy person ever. Also, the nurse said I was talking in tongues like someone from a Pentecostal church. That's pretty funny!

They took me downstairs for two CT scans to check for stroke or blood clots, but thankfully didn't see anything.

I finally woke up and felt normal again on Saturday morning. I was nauseous and had a horrible migraine the entire day. They finally moved me out of Neuro ICU and put me in a private room for Sunday.

After getting 13 tubes of blood drawn, they let me go home to finish recuperating here :)

I'm happy to report that I am feeling much better! My incision in my leg is healing nicely. I still feel a little "off", but hopefully that will stop in a day or two.

Thank you, everyone, so much for all your thoughts, wishes, calls, texts, and FB posts. I'm such a lucky girl to have all of you as friends!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First Haircuts

When it was time to even out Jaina's curls, I remember sitting her on a stool in the bathtub and attempting to trim her hair with kitchen scissors, and failing miserably. I didn't realize how hard it was to cut curly hair on a squirming two year old. We didn't try another haircut again for a whole year. And that time, we let the professionals do it.

Jayce's first hair cut was around 10 months, I think. We just used the clippers on him and buzzed it right off. Easy peasy. We'd continue to do the same haircut for many years to come.

Now Jayce likes to go get his hair cut at a real salon. Sometimes I take him to mine and sometimes we just go to Great Clips.  

Brian was getting pretty shabby over Christmas break, so he decided to take Jayce with him to get a hair cut.

"I go, too! I get my hair cut, too! Just like Jayce!" Jocelyn insisted. 

She hopped up in the stool as big as can be and followed the stylist's directions perfectly.

Since she was growing a nice mullet in the back, I had them take 2 inches off the back and kind of blend in her short hair in front with the curls in back.

My Big Girl :)

I remember the days when Jayce was scared of haircuts. He's sure come a long way!

And lollipops afterwards? Now *that* is just the icing on the cake.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bringing in 2015 a day behind already...

According to FB and Instagram, I think about 50% of my online friends went for a family hike on New Year's Day. I'm not quite sure why its such a popular activity to do on that particular day, but it is free and hiking trails don't close for the holidays.

Since someone in our family *cough cough* not me *cough cough* was slightly hung over on New Year's Day, we went hiking on January 2nd.

I'm not sure if this means that our family marches to a beat of a different drum or if we are a day late and a dollar short. :)

We all had a good time, even Jayce. After all, there are no bees in January.

This is about as close as we'll ever get to "Feeding the Bears". 

Look! Smiles from my middle child!

Jocelyn picked out a newborn sized hand made hat that I use for newborn pictures.

Brian received a Superman knit hat that was slightly too big. So he just wore it over his hoodie. He didn't care that he looked like a dork.

Look at Little Miss "hands on her hips" posing for the camera. She's almost 3 going on 13!

Since I use back button focus (and always forget how to turn it off under menu settings), I can't just hand my camera to a stranger for a family pic. So, I used my timer. I think everyone watching thought we were weird.

Yay! Its squished pennies!! We only have a ton from our bi-yearly visits here.

And then it was ice cream time. Its serious business, don't you know?

There is a river that runs behind all the little shops. In the summer, its fun to go wading in the water. In the winter, its just plain silly to even go down there. But I have 3 silly members of my family and only one sensible one. Jayce went to the car to stay warm.

So, that's the story of our how new year started out. I hope its going to be a good one!