Christmas 2014

Having an almost three year old in the house, especially one that is NT (neuro typical), is very fun during the holidays. Jocelyn really got into the whole Santa thing this year. "Santa is going to come to MY house and leave me presents! He's going to bring my Yo Gabba Gabba Friends!"

And he totally did :)

It wasn't hard pleasing Jocelyn this year at all.

 Jayce, on the other hand, was disappointed for the 5th straight row. "I guess I didn't get an Xbox OR a Wii U." This should not come as a shock to him since we have been telling him for years that Santa will not bring presents that Mommy and Daddy do not allow in our house. (FYI, we love video games but Brian hates Microsoft products). He did, however, love his new bike, Card Wars game, Mine craft Legos, and Snap Circuit set. Oh, and we ended up buying a Wii U after Christmas from money from my parents. So, he's a very happy camper now!

And dear Jaina... its hard being 12. Although we've suspected that she's known the truth for years, she has put up a good front pretending that she still believes in Santa. Who knows, maybe she really did? She cried no less than four times this season whenever we would talk about Christmas. Yet, she still got her curling iron, minetonka boots, and Simply Southern shirts, so she's not all that traumatized by our deception.

I tried desperately not to laugh when she came to me, in all seriousness, "But you don't do the Elf, do you? He really does move on his own, right?"

Bless her heart.

Anyway, here's some pictures from our day:

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas season with their loved ones :)


  1. Such sweet pictures! Bless Jaina, that has to be so hard. Looks like a wonderful Christmas!

  2. This is SO cute about Jaina! :) Glad you guys had a great Christmas! :)

  3. That last photo is adorable! My daughter used to love Brobee. We had so many toys from that show.


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