Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day 2015

Brian doesn't like us to make a big deal on Father's Day. He doesn't want presents or cards or to go out to eat or to do something fun. Its because those are all the things *I* like for Mother's Day :) And he doesn't want to be responsible for making all those things happen for me at the next holiday :)

Well, I didn't listen.

We needed a new grill desperately.


"Old and Busted."

And here's the "New Hotness".

(Name that movie!)

If I had left it up to Brian, he would have bought the cheapest grill at Wal-Mart and in a few years, it would look just like the one up there.

I found a good deal on one online. I asked my neighbor what 40,000 BTUs were. Then I called the store, paid for it, had them assemble it, and prayed that it would fit in my van.

Then I asked another neighbor to help me get it back OUT of the van.

This one has so many more features than our old one. I knew he'd love it.

Brian came home and found it in the garage with a big red bow on top.

I think we grilled out three times that weekend :)

Those were some tasty and very evenly cooked burgers! We hadn't had those in a while!

And here's Brian with his brood of goofs.

I think he's a lucky guy! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Little White Dress

My teen daughter and I needed to make a trip to the big city in order to visit a "real" department store. It just shows how sad our little city is when our local shopping mall has a Sears, Belk's, and Dillards only.

It was a great excuse to hit the big mall with my girls. Jaina was happy because she had birthday money to burn and this was just a few days before the beach. Jocelyn was happy because this mall has a big indoor play place for toddlers.

I mean, check out this big plastic pig!

We definitely shopped until we dropped.


Crazy 8 was having a sale on all their sundresses for $8.88. Children's place and Gymboree was having one, too!

Jocelyn said "NO!" to absolutely everything I picked out from her. Sigh. I forgot three year olds had opinions for a minute.

Then we walked past Baby GAP. "I want to go in there!!" she said, pointing.

I stroll her in. She points to a $40 romper NOT on sale and says, "That's what I want."

I think not, little missy.

So she found two other things she wanted (40% off thank goodness) and I picked out one more tank top that was super cheap, too. We got three things for $40. Much, much better.

I was hesitant about this dress at first, but figured that we could at least take it to the beach and she'd wear it there. I'm so glad we did.

The golden hour light right outside our condo is magical. I take pictures of the kids here every year.

We decided to go on a walk around the complex. That means we made it about 50 yards.

Jocelyn wanted to take a picture of the flower, too. I let her use my camera phone. 

Then, she had to sit and look at it.

And listen to it?

And take a few more blurry pictures of ME taking HER picture.

I really wanted to take some pictures of her sitting in the grass.

Which really meant she was picking grass and putting it all over her legs and dress.

I love this sweet girl so much. She really completes our family.

Friday, June 19, 2015

The Pool

If we weren't boogie boarding in the ocean or building bears at Broadway, you could find our family at the pool.

The condo we rent gives us access to 3 different pools in the area. We always go to the biggest one in the back of the neighborhood because its our favorite :)

In the past, Jocelyn has not been a big fan of pools. She grips onto someone for dear life (me, her dad, Jaina), and wants to get out as soon as she gets in.

She also hates water wings and puddle jumpers and life jackets.

Thank goodness our friend Christie Anne told us about a different kind of flotation device/swimming trainer that her son used. Jocelyn tried out her friend's and was hooked. We went to a pool supply shop to purchase our own and now we have a toddler who LOVES the water!

And of course the teen loves water. Or, more like showing off her new swimsuit from Target and perfecting hair flipping pictures.

She did play with her brother some, too :)

Jocelyn wanted to play "Torpedos" almost the entire time she was in the pool. Brian was a good sport and played this game, which was essentially a game of "fetch", with her.

Jaina is such a good big sister to Jocelyn :)

Jayce was nice enough to take a few pictures as we were leaving so I could prove that *I* was actually at the pool, too :)  In my new swimsuit from Target as well :P

When she wasn't playing Torpedoes, she was "having a tan." Her words, of course.

Jayce entertains himself in the pool and pretty much retreats into his own world. That's how water affects him. He loves it. I really do wish we had a pool for him to use every day. We did get him to play Marco Polo with us a time or two :)

"Why are you not taking MY picture?? I want a picture!"

I'm not even going to attempt to edit out the face marks left by his swim mask. :P