Monday, December 31, 2007

Home a day early...

Well, Jayce and I made it home from Atlanta just fine. Although it rained the entire drive which always kinda freaks me out. I left Jaina at my brother Jeff's house with my mom supervising. They should be home later this evening before Brian and I go out for New Year's Eve.

I have 300 pictures to sort through... hotel, stone mountain, christmas at my dad's, christmas at Jeff's... Its going to take me several days and several posts! Just keep checking back!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Morning, 2007

Because of going to FT and Nancy's house, the kids didn't settle down and go to bed until way after 11:00 PM last night! So, 6:30 AM came awful bright and early! I was awoken by Jaina who announced, "Santa brought me a bicycle AND a scooter!" I didn't understand what she meant until I saw Jayce's toddler tricycle that she claimed was "her new bike". Uh-oh...

Christmas morning was very different this year. Thankfully, Jayce was not overwhelmed or over-stimulated to the point that he screamed at all! YAY!! He was completely overjoyed with every single one of his gifts. My mom and I took turns unwrapping his presents. As soon as one got opened, he abandoned the previous present for the new one that made noise. Now that everything is open, he wanders around to all his toys, playing with each one for a few minutes.

The VTECH Vsmile game system is a little above his head right now. He just wants to turn the whole system off and on, so I'll have to find a place to put it up high so he can't turn off the game while Jaina is playing.

Jaina, on the other hand, was a bit disappointed this Christmas. See, last month she had asked for a scooter, an mp3 player, a diamond necklace, and a stuffed bear. Santa is a good listener and came through with all her requests. The problem? Her requests changed at the last minute, yesterday to be exact. She sat on mall Santa's lap and said, "I want a remote control car, a dog that walks and barks, and a big horsey."

Um, excuse me?

Last night, Jaina received some hair stuff, a baby Bratz doll (of course, she'd receive the one thing we don't allow in our home), some puzzles, and a UNO attack game. Jayce got some trucks and a remote control doggie that barks and walks. Jaina quickly claimed the dog for herself, and that electronic dog has already been the subject of many fights between the children.

Jaina has seemed very jealous this morning. Jealous of Jayce's boy themed toddler toys? Why would she want his tricycle when her barely a year old bicycle is just outside? What about her scooter? Why did she insist on taking a bath immediately with Jayce's new Diego bath toys?

I think my eldest is feeling a little let down from the holidays and a little jealous of all the attention that Jayce normally commands from the family. Let's hope that mommy can find a way to bring some joy back into Jaina for this special season.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

My poor baby

Its not easy to see in the pictures, which is probably a good thing, but the other day, Jayce got his finger stuck in one of the oven's vents. I pulled his finger out not knowing how sharp the metal was and almost ripped off the majority of his nail. It was pretty traumatic for him, especially since he hates band-aids (and stickers, for that matter). However, I insisted on a spongebob band-aid and put a new one on every time he took it off that day. Now he can't live without it! As soon as it gets loose, he takes his finger and shows me and asks, "Spongebob? More spongebob?" Thank goodness, because he's going to have to keep it covered until the new nail grows in and we can cut the remainder of his ripped one off. Makes me squeamish just thinking about it!

Friday, December 21, 2007

The "Open Sleigh" song

Jayce's version of Jingle Bells, helped along by my mom, Gray. Jayce calls it "Open Sleigh" :)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Family Pictures:

Melissa, who is an awesome photographer, granted Grandma's wish for a nice family group picture. Since we were dealing with a 6 year old, a 5 year old, two 2-year olds, two tired moms, an extremely busy dad/brother, and a gray-haired grandmother, there was no way we were going to attempt pictures at a portrait studio. Justin helped Melissa set up her camera, a Nikon D200. Boy that thing was intimidating! Melissa is so knowledgeable about how to use it while it intimidated me.

The kids just ran around while we picked our location and got set up. Melissa used a white sheet to take the reflection off our faces. Luckily the sun wasn't on us too much and the lighting was good. It was fairly difficult to get Jayce to sit down, so my mom gave him her camera to try to take pictures with. Funny thing... all of us either wore sage green or pastel yellow. And we didn't plan that at all! Anyway, my mom got her wish and we had fun modeling for pictures.

Jaina, especially!

Florida Revisited!

I got my film back! I will now bore all of you with a ton of pictures from our trip :)

Build-A-Bear Workshop:

Several years ago when Jaina was 19 months old and Joshua was about 2 1/2 years old, we took the cousins to the Mall of Georgia to get pictures taken at The Picture People. While waiting for our pictures, we took the kids to Build-A-Bear workshop to pick out animals. Jaina picked out a stuffed dog (later named Alli). What was special about her dog was that it had two satin hearts enclosed. One kissed from Jaina and one kissed from Joshua. She has never forgotten that, probably because we remind her all the time about the two hearts, so one of Jaina's requests in Florida was to go to Build-A-Bear again. This time, Jayce and Justin got to participate as well! Jaina picked out another dog (shocking, I know!) while Justin and Joshua got some type of wild cat. We added sound buttons to them as well. My mom and I tried desperately to find an animal that Jayce would want, but he has never been interested when you give him choices at a store. Even things you know he would like when he gets home. Although it does make it easier only having one child that is tantruming because you won't buy them everything they see at a store, its also kinda sad because Jayce usually doesn't end up getting anything in the process. However, he did finally show minimal approval of a dark brown teddy bear. Jaina did the stuffing part while Jayce discovered the computers with Grandma! The keyboards were very kid-friendly with shapes and colors on the keys so the kids would know how to create their animal's birth certificate by themselves. The computers kept Jayce very happy and occupied while Jaina figured out the best clothes for her doggie, named "Sparky" btw. Jaina picked out a set of diapers for her dog, since she knew she could use them with her other stuffed animals at home. We also bought Superman PJ's for Jayce's bear, although he just brings the bear to you and says, "off? off?" because he feels that stuffed animals should be naked. All in all, we had a wonderful, yet hectic, time at the mall. I forgot to mention that there was no place to sit to eat lunch at Chick-fil-a or in the food court, so we had to sit on the floor to eat while the kids were in the strollers shaped like cars!

Jaina and Joshua riding the small Christmas train outside of Build-a-Bear. Jayce loved the train so much, he asked to ride it again and again and again. Too bad it was fairly expensive per ride.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas Parade

This was our first year attending the Christmas parade downtown! We had so much fun! Even Jayce, who didn't like the crowds, ended up liking the marching band very much. He'd say, "More drums?" after they walked by. Jaina had a great time with her MOMS Club friends there, as well :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

70 and Sunny

The high will be in the low 70's today. WTF? If I recall correctly, the high never made it above 47 degrees on Friday. Of course, Friday was the day of Jayce's OT eval at the hospital so I had to find parking in the freezing parking garage, walk all the way over to the tunnel, down the elevator, out in the cold again to the entrance, pushing the stroller the whole way. Why couldn't it have been 70 degrees THEN?

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Its Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Anyone who knew me in High School knows that I like to sing "Its Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas" not only at Christmastime, but all year round. I guess you could say its my favorite song. Yet, funny thing is... I don't even know all the words to it!

Still... we are getting ready for Christmas here! After spending a week in beautiful sunny Florida, it was kinda shocking to get back here to SC and find the temps in the 50's, 40's, and even 30's at night. way too cold for my Florida-born blood. Immediately I developed dry and cracked skin and static when I brush my hair. All the trees lost their leaves while we were down there so it really is looking like winter here.

I love our new house, but its FREEZING in the winter, I've discovered. Drat those damn windows all over the place. Yeah, I love the natural sunlight that bathes my living room each day. But I could really live without the drafts.

Two days after coming home, we put our tree up. Jayce was very curious about the process, even though he's already been taught "Christmas Tree" from seeing the trees up at Walmart a month ago. He could not figure out why we were putting lights on the tree. "Off?" he asked, while pulling a strand. "Off, please?" When that didn't work, he pulled another phrase out of his little brain, "Clean up?" He's just so damn cute. Anyway, he's used to the tree now so all is well. We did have to put a big rubbermaid box of toys in front of the electrical outlet. He got too much pleasure out of plugging in and unplugging the lights.

Anyway, I'm not done posting about Thanksgiving in Florida, but Part TWO will have to wait until I get my 3rd role of film back. I'm so anal like that :) I think Brian's OCD is rubbing off on me!