Christmas Morning, 2007

Because of going to FT and Nancy's house, the kids didn't settle down and go to bed until way after 11:00 PM last night! So, 6:30 AM came awful bright and early! I was awoken by Jaina who announced, "Santa brought me a bicycle AND a scooter!" I didn't understand what she meant until I saw Jayce's toddler tricycle that she claimed was "her new bike". Uh-oh...

Christmas morning was very different this year. Thankfully, Jayce was not overwhelmed or over-stimulated to the point that he screamed at all! YAY!! He was completely overjoyed with every single one of his gifts. My mom and I took turns unwrapping his presents. As soon as one got opened, he abandoned the previous present for the new one that made noise. Now that everything is open, he wanders around to all his toys, playing with each one for a few minutes.

The VTECH Vsmile game system is a little above his head right now. He just wants to turn the whole system off and on, so I'll have to find a place to put it up high so he can't turn off the game while Jaina is playing.

Jaina, on the other hand, was a bit disappointed this Christmas. See, last month she had asked for a scooter, an mp3 player, a diamond necklace, and a stuffed bear. Santa is a good listener and came through with all her requests. The problem? Her requests changed at the last minute, yesterday to be exact. She sat on mall Santa's lap and said, "I want a remote control car, a dog that walks and barks, and a big horsey."

Um, excuse me?

Last night, Jaina received some hair stuff, a baby Bratz doll (of course, she'd receive the one thing we don't allow in our home), some puzzles, and a UNO attack game. Jayce got some trucks and a remote control doggie that barks and walks. Jaina quickly claimed the dog for herself, and that electronic dog has already been the subject of many fights between the children.

Jaina has seemed very jealous this morning. Jealous of Jayce's boy themed toddler toys? Why would she want his tricycle when her barely a year old bicycle is just outside? What about her scooter? Why did she insist on taking a bath immediately with Jayce's new Diego bath toys?

I think my eldest is feeling a little let down from the holidays and a little jealous of all the attention that Jayce normally commands from the family. Let's hope that mommy can find a way to bring some joy back into Jaina for this special season.


  1. Jessie, sorry about the strep! Yuck! But I'm commenting mainly to say just how precious Jayce looks smiling in his Christmas pj's! For everything he's gone through, I'm so glad he had a wonderful Christmas morning. Hope to see you soon (once you and the kids are better).


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