Its Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas

Anyone who knew me in High School knows that I like to sing "Its Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas" not only at Christmastime, but all year round. I guess you could say its my favorite song. Yet, funny thing is... I don't even know all the words to it!

Still... we are getting ready for Christmas here! After spending a week in beautiful sunny Florida, it was kinda shocking to get back here to SC and find the temps in the 50's, 40's, and even 30's at night. way too cold for my Florida-born blood. Immediately I developed dry and cracked skin and static when I brush my hair. All the trees lost their leaves while we were down there so it really is looking like winter here.

I love our new house, but its FREEZING in the winter, I've discovered. Drat those damn windows all over the place. Yeah, I love the natural sunlight that bathes my living room each day. But I could really live without the drafts.

Two days after coming home, we put our tree up. Jayce was very curious about the process, even though he's already been taught "Christmas Tree" from seeing the trees up at Walmart a month ago. He could not figure out why we were putting lights on the tree. "Off?" he asked, while pulling a strand. "Off, please?" When that didn't work, he pulled another phrase out of his little brain, "Clean up?" He's just so damn cute. Anyway, he's used to the tree now so all is well. We did have to put a big rubbermaid box of toys in front of the electrical outlet. He got too much pleasure out of plugging in and unplugging the lights.

Anyway, I'm not done posting about Thanksgiving in Florida, but Part TWO will have to wait until I get my 3rd role of film back. I'm so anal like that :) I think Brian's OCD is rubbing off on me!


  1. i love the pic of jaina with the, so sweet.

  2. How cute!!! I can't believe B. even got into it!!!

  3. AWWWWW!!! Love the tree! Love the decorations! LOVE all of the family togetherness :)


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