Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Jayce!

My little baby...

is now 6 years old...

Happy Birthday to my baby big boy!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Weekend in an Eggshell

Okay, corny, I know... I couldn't resist the title :)

I'd say us Walkers know how to cram some fun into a weekend!

  Our matching Easter ensambles....

 Crafting with Gray...

 Dying eggs with Dad...

Dying MORE eggs with Grandma Kim...

 They were all red because she didn't have any other food dye color!

 Hunting these red eggs...

Playing with newly bought Moon Dough...

 Waiting for the Easter Bunny...

Dressing up in our Easter Sunday finest...

I hope you crammed just as much fun into your holiday weekend!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Baby Fever

Oh, I've got it bad.

I don't have much experience shooting newborns. In fact, this is only the 3rd shoot I've done. And the first shoot in which the newborn actually fell asleep at the very end! :)

I know I have a lot to learn, but can I just say that the subject matter of my lessons couldn't get any cuter?

Brian's accused me of wanting another baby just so I can practice my newborn photography skills. Although that's not the reason, that would be an incredible perk! :)

Happy Easter to all that celebrate. I'll be taking a blogging break to spend time with my family.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The $98 dress

I am not what you'd call "fashionable" by any means. The most expensive thing I buy is Birkenstocks.

Most of the time (like 90% of the time), you'll find me as comfortable as I can be. Hair in a ponytail, no make-up, Jump Little Children T-Shirt circa 1998, and a pair of yoga pants. With flip flops.

And when the rare 10% occurs, you will find me in cheap last-year's-fashion ensembles purchased mainly from consignment stores, Old Navy's sale rack, or Target. I literally do not spend more than $20 on any one item in my wardrobe.

All this has a point. Bare with me...

This past weekend was my 10 year College reunion. Now, I went to a college that prides themselves on turning out fashionable young southern women ready to pursue opportunities in their career fields or acquire advanced degrees. I, however, went to class every day for 4 years in my pajamas. And glasses, since I was too lazy to put in my contacts at 8:30 AM.

Fast forward ten years and those same fashionable young women are now fashionable adults; married, with children, and advanced degrees.

I hemmed and hawed about what to wear to the weekend's festivities. In the end, I settled for comfort over fashion. Maybe that's why so many former alumnae commented that I looked exactly like I did 10 years ago? Without the many body piercings, of course :)

One of my fellow Red Devils inconveniently left her suitcase behind on her trip back down South. I'm pretty sure we can blame the husband but this blog is not designed to cast stones. Anyway, a Connie shopping trip was definitely in order.

Now, if *I* had been the one to forget all my clothes, I would have just headed straight to the local Walmart (no, I'm not kidding!) to pick up a couple shirts and pairs of ugly $8 jeans to get me through the weekend.

Instead, we found ourselves traipsing through downtown Greenville and their posh boutiques. I amused myself by watching my friends try items on with price tags well over $100 or $200. Dude, I don't even have $200 in my bank account right now! But if I did, there's no way I'd spend it on one item of clothing.

Then we entered Augusta 20 which seems to be a store that everyone is familiar with but me.

Oh, wow. I fell in love with practically everything in that store. The dresses, the necklaces, the beaded feather headbands, the handmade earrings, the scarves, etc.

My friends convinced me to try on a purple and white dress that I was spying, claiming it was a perfect style for me.

What the hell.

So I put it on and looked at myself in the mirror of the dressing room.


It fit perfectly. It was exactly the right color, fit, and style that was made for my body type.

I was in love.

I step out of the dressing room to seek my friends' approval. I definitely had it :)

"You're going to buy that, right? Its perfect on you!"

Hell yeah! Of course I'm buying it. I'm a hardworking mom that totally deserves a treat now and then, right?

I look at the price tag.


"Oh, that's not bad! That's a really good deal for that dress!"

Really? Cause besides prom and my wedding, I've never spent so much on a dress in my life. And I knew in an instant that there was no way I could justify such a purchase. Not when my daughter has outgrown all her summer clothes from last year. Not when Jayce needs new shoes. Not when both their birthdays are coming up in a few weeks. Not when I'm saving up for a new camera.

With regret, I hung the dress back up and walked out of the store.

My family comes first. I can live with non-designer clothes from Target as long as I know my family has what they need and are happy.

But it sure was fun feeling fancy for a little while :)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Crafting at the Cherry Blossom Festival

As you can see, the kids had an absolute blast crafting the night away at our school's annual Cherry Blossom Festival :)

Jaina's International Choir also sang! I'm going to do my best to upload a video!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

10 on 10: April

ten on ten button

I did it!! I did it!! I did it!!!!

For the first time in months, I actually remembered to take 1 photo each hour for 10 days on the 10th day of the month!! I'm beyond proud of myself :) And I guess I'm making up for the last few attempts because I actually took 12 photos today :)

7:00 AM:

The morning view out my window on this beautiful Sunday morning. The kids were still sleeping and I was sneaking a peek at my email and FB in the quiet.

8:00 AM:

The kiddies were up by this point. Normally I'd be making pancakes and bacon, but this morning we made Monkey Bread. This was Jayce's first time helping shake the biscuits in the cinnamon. 

9:00 AM

An hour later...Perfection!!!

10:00 AM

We were right on time for the kids' photo shoot this morning with Gena Murphy Photography. It was cold (55 degrees!) so we waited in the van for the previous session to end before we had to be out in the weather!

11:00 AM
We were actually driving on the highway at 11, but I took this picture of our pansies on our front porch as soon as we got out of the car :)

12:00 PM

Grocery shopping! Cocoa Pebbles... YUM!

1:00 PM
I had my lenses out on the table so I could clean them before my two afternoon shoots today.

2:00 PM

Didn't want to leave the hubby out :)
3:00 PM
At 3:00 PM, I was in the middle of a photo session of a family which includes this cutie!

4:00 PM

An hour later, different family, different location, different photo shoot :)
5:00 PM

I was close to my mom's house at this point and she's been laid up in bed for 10 days straight with a pinched nerve, so I stopped by to say "hi". 

6:00 PM

As I was leaving an hour later, the sunset behind the dandelions caught my eye.

And there was my day in pictures :)