Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You'll always be my baby

My good friend Becca watched my children for me some time last week so I could run some errands kid-free. Because she was 37 weeks pregnant, it was very obvious that a baby was on its way. Becca told me that she informed Jayce that she had a baby in her tummy. This prompted Jayce to try to lift her clothes up the entire visit to try to see the baby :)

Then, when I arrived, Jayce lifted MY shirt up and asked me if I had a baby in my tummy. Nope, sorry bud!

Fast forward to this morning.

I heard the news via text from Becca's husband that her new baby, Cassie, had arrived healthy and sound. I let Jayce know that after therapy at the hospital today, we'd be going to see Miss Becca and her new baby.

"Miss Becca has a baby in her tummy?"
"No, Jayce... her baby came out at the hospital. She can hold baby Cassie now. Her tummy is empty now."
"Oh... mommy, you have a baby in your tummy?"
"No, Jayce... I'm sad, though, I wish I did."

And he replied,
"Mommy... I be your baby."

You most certainly will :) Forever.

This picture was taken during one of the many times this past week that Jaina has convinced Jayce to play "baby and mommy". I think she just likes to boss him around!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jayce's Top Ten Reasons Why He Can't Go to Time Out

On the way home from the Waterpark the other day, Jayce was kicking Jaina with his feet just to annoy her. I warned him that if he continued to kick, he'd be going to Time Out when we got home.

Crying at the concept of Time Out, he then started yelling all the different reasons why he just couldn't go to time out. By the way, the Time Out consequence is usually served on said perpetrator's bed until they calm down.

10. "Time out is all gone!"
9. "It's OLD!"
8. "We have to buy a new one!"
7. "Its busy!"
6. "There's no room on my bed!"
5. "I have 5 friends on my bed!"
4. "Kaitlyn from Kansas is sleeping on my bed!"
3. "There are snacks on my bed. Chex Mix is on there!"
2. "Time out is NOT a good choice, mommy!"
1. "TV is a good choice."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Arts Center

During the school year, our routine includes visiting the Cultural Center downtown after Jayce's therapy at the hospital. Since our therapy schedule hasn't changed, we agreed to keep up our typical Art and Science day through the summer. However, we discovered that the science center is closed due to camps (which Jaina will be attending a week long camp session after the 4th of July!). Uh-oh... what to do with Jayce while Jaina attends the art class? Sometimes Jayce will sit and paint or use colored pencils for a few minutes. Today, he did not. So we went outside and had fun with the camera.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

I just asked Brian, "So, did you have a happy Father's Day?"

His answer was, "Yeah" :)

So, I guess he did! To me, I felt like we didn't do much. We had talked about going up to Chimney Rock to hike, but boy did the weather turn out to be super hot. Then there was all the laundry we do every Sunday and the needed Costco trip and the mandatory Walmart trip (and no, we can't change our typical schedule just because its Father's Day, just ask Brian). So, we ended up going swimming at FT and Nancy's house. For any newer blog readers, here's the quick run down on FT and Nancy.

Brian's best friend is Thad. They grew up together. They went to HS together. Brian even lived with Thad and his parents for a few years in between college. Thad's dad is named Ted. But everyone calls him Father Ted, or FT for short. Thad's mom is Nancy. FT and Nancy are like second parents to Brian, therefore, they are like grandparents to our kids. We spend a lot of holidays with them.

FT is recovering from esophageal cancer surgery, so we have been spending more time over there lately to be supportive.

A posed picture of little swimmer Jaina:

Jaina and Jayce took turns jumping off the top of the ladder (yeah, I know, probably not the safest thing to do).

Danielle was a sweetheart and grabbed my camera while I was in the pool with the kids. I never get to be in pictures! :)

Another posed picture by Miss Jaina:

Jayce "found his wings" (water wings, that is) so to speak and decided to float on his own without holding on to anyone.

Family picture take one:

Family picture take two:

Sorry, Thad. He doesn't like his picture taken, but I think his girlfriend Danielle wanted one of the two of them together. I love it :)

One of my new favorite pictures of Jaina:

Sun-kissed kids in the car on the way home:

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Keeping busy in Kansas

Okay, so this is my last post about Kansas. I took over 200 pictures of all the kids having fun (and a handful of pictures of the moms, too!). Here are some that I feel wrap up our time in a nutshell.

Every single kid got a chance to ride on the pink plastic bike inside :)

There were lots of opportunities to play in the sandbox:

What kids don't love blowing bubbles?

Allison and her mom had a really fun mosaic craft for the kids to do:

Saturday afternoon, we all headed over to a nearby park to swing, slide, and climb on some big concrete animals.
The kids were pretty good about taking turns on the swings:

A picnic at the park:

A picture of our awesome mommy/kid group!

All Jayce wanted to do was ride the train:

On one of the rare moments that all the kids weren't outside, the girls decided to color some pictures for a while.

On Sunday, we all caravaned to a nearby park on a lake to picnic and swim.

I think Willon loved the water.

Vivi cooling off by swimming:

Jaina's favorite thing at the lake was the water slide. She was too scared to go down at first, until she realized that the nice lifeguard would make sure she didn't go under.

And everyone was so tired from all the activities that cuddling made the list of "things to do" as well.

Hey, maybe next year we'll all go to Texas!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

technical difficulties

Thanks, Angel, for letting me know that some of my pictures aren't showing up on my Blog. It turns out that Picasa albums had a little technical problem and had to reset some links (or something like that). I'm off to fix the pictures of Allison and her two daughters right now :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Our new old friends

When Angie and I arrived at Allison's house on Friday afternoon/evening, Corey and Kristin were already there, having just arrived 2 or 3 hours earlier.

Although Kristin joined APU about one week after I did, I haven't had the opportunity to get to know her off of the board as much as some of the other moms. It was so nice to meet her and get to know her in person. However, I have a feeling that Kristin was a bit shy in real life as opposed to her boisterous online personality. I am hoping we can meet again soon and get to know each other even better :)

This is Kristin:

And her adorable daughter Kaitlyn:

Kaitlyn loved playing with the other children, especially with Alaina. However, Maddie became her best friend during all the water play.

Ah, my good friend Corey.... Seriously, what would I have done without Corey in my life? I can't even begin to tell you guys how much of a rock this woman is. She can do anything. And does it with passion. She's one of those moms that fits all the labels in and gives 100% to everything. She's a devoted wife, a musician, a photographer, a gardener, a hiker, a handywoman, an awesome friend, and such an involved mother to her children. She is a fountain of knowledge, too, when it comes to any topic. When Jayce first got diagnosed with autism, she was so helpful to me in putting it all in perspective. Corey is just cool like that.

It was SO great meeting her in person. Corey and I have been friends off of APU for a while now and one time she said, "I just know we are going to meet some day." And I considered how far away she lived in Colorado and said, "I hope so," but really didn't know how that was possible. Well, if she drives 17 hours and I drive 15 hours, voila! We can meet 1/2 way!!

This is Corey:

This is her daughter Rhetta:

And this is her son Willon:

Angie just fell in love with Willon during our weekend in Kansas. Really, who could blame her? I think she is having Willon withdrawals as I type this.

And last, but certainly not least, I'd like to introduce our new friends from Minnesota:



and Vivian:

Jaina made the comment at the lake on Sunday, "I think Vivian is an angel that hasn't found her wings yet." You know, Jaina, I think Vivian is an angel :) Her big sister Ce is definitely one too! I told Anna that I just don't believe that these two adorable, considerate, well-mannered, angels ever give their mother an ounce of misbehavior. She was quick to remind me that appearances can be deceiving!

And as far as appearances go, well... let's just say that I'm a bit jealous that Anna can roll out of bed looking *that* gorgeous in the morning. She's so beautiful, in fact, that she's caused a traffic accident in a parking lot before. :)

So, those are my new old friends :) Next up, park pictures and lake pictures!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Our Hostess

It wasn't too weird driving 15 hours to stay with someone I had never met. Mainly because I feel like I know Allison pretty well. Except that I like to call her Becca, when her name is really Allison. So, after a bit of retraining on my part, I finally started calling her Allison like everyone else.

Allison and I have talked on the phone several times before. We've also sent each other packages. We also talk on IM. I think we are a lot alike in some ways, so it never felt awkward that we were going to go stay at her house all while meeting for the first time.

This is Allison:

She's married to Palmer, but he made himself scarce all weekend (Who could blame him?) so I didn't grab a picture.

This is their eldest daughter, who is 12:

She was Jayce's best friend during the trip. He called her "My Paige". She was so good with all the kids. Her BFF Jordan was a doll, too!

This is their youngest daughter, a 3 year old named Alaina:

Yeah, I was in love with her cuteness :)

Anyway, Allison was the perfect hostess. She had all the bedding options laid out for us as soon as we arrived. She made it look easy fitting 4 extra families for a total of 18 people in a 3 bedroom house look easy! She had activities planned for us (the park, the lake, the concert) but everything was super relaxed and worked well with everyone's nap schedule. In between leaving the house, the kids just played and played and played in Allison's back yard. They had the best time!