Our Hostess

It wasn't too weird driving 15 hours to stay with someone I had never met. Mainly because I feel like I know Allison pretty well. Except that I like to call her Becca, when her name is really Allison. So, after a bit of retraining on my part, I finally started calling her Allison like everyone else.

Allison and I have talked on the phone several times before. We've also sent each other packages. We also talk on IM. I think we are a lot alike in some ways, so it never felt awkward that we were going to go stay at her house all while meeting for the first time.

This is Allison:

She's married to Palmer, but he made himself scarce all weekend (Who could blame him?) so I didn't grab a picture.

This is their eldest daughter, who is 12:

She was Jayce's best friend during the trip. He called her "My Paige". She was so good with all the kids. Her BFF Jordan was a doll, too!

This is their youngest daughter, a 3 year old named Alaina:

Yeah, I was in love with her cuteness :)

Anyway, Allison was the perfect hostess. She had all the bedding options laid out for us as soon as we arrived. She made it look easy fitting 4 extra families for a total of 18 people in a 3 bedroom house look easy! She had activities planned for us (the park, the lake, the concert) but everything was super relaxed and worked well with everyone's nap schedule. In between leaving the house, the kids just played and played and played in Allison's back yard. They had the best time!


  1. Hey, The pics of Allison and her crew will not show up. I wanna see. I am back on board and promise to be a better blog writer,lol


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