Father's Day

I just asked Brian, "So, did you have a happy Father's Day?"

His answer was, "Yeah" :)

So, I guess he did! To me, I felt like we didn't do much. We had talked about going up to Chimney Rock to hike, but boy did the weather turn out to be super hot. Then there was all the laundry we do every Sunday and the needed Costco trip and the mandatory Walmart trip (and no, we can't change our typical schedule just because its Father's Day, just ask Brian). So, we ended up going swimming at FT and Nancy's house. For any newer blog readers, here's the quick run down on FT and Nancy.

Brian's best friend is Thad. They grew up together. They went to HS together. Brian even lived with Thad and his parents for a few years in between college. Thad's dad is named Ted. But everyone calls him Father Ted, or FT for short. Thad's mom is Nancy. FT and Nancy are like second parents to Brian, therefore, they are like grandparents to our kids. We spend a lot of holidays with them.

FT is recovering from esophageal cancer surgery, so we have been spending more time over there lately to be supportive.

A posed picture of little swimmer Jaina:

Jaina and Jayce took turns jumping off the top of the ladder (yeah, I know, probably not the safest thing to do).

Danielle was a sweetheart and grabbed my camera while I was in the pool with the kids. I never get to be in pictures! :)

Another posed picture by Miss Jaina:

Jayce "found his wings" (water wings, that is) so to speak and decided to float on his own without holding on to anyone.

Family picture take one:

Family picture take two:

Sorry, Thad. He doesn't like his picture taken, but I think his girlfriend Danielle wanted one of the two of them together. I love it :)

One of my new favorite pictures of Jaina:

Sun-kissed kids in the car on the way home:


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I love the family pic of you together. It is full of character!!

  2. What great pics! You even got great ones of the whole family (quite the feat).

    And boy doest hat pool look refreshing. It's bee way too hot Down South lately.


  3. It's funny how little it takes our husbands to have a good father's day. For us it takes flowers, dinner, gifts, etc. For Ben, he just wants to sleep in, a nice dinner, and a quiet evening to read. So simple, so easy...

  4. WOW! I love the picture of Jania looking up! Great shot! I also love Jayce jumping off of the stairs! Love you and miss you!


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