Keeping busy in Kansas

Okay, so this is my last post about Kansas. I took over 200 pictures of all the kids having fun (and a handful of pictures of the moms, too!). Here are some that I feel wrap up our time in a nutshell.

Every single kid got a chance to ride on the pink plastic bike inside :)

There were lots of opportunities to play in the sandbox:

What kids don't love blowing bubbles?

Allison and her mom had a really fun mosaic craft for the kids to do:

Saturday afternoon, we all headed over to a nearby park to swing, slide, and climb on some big concrete animals.
The kids were pretty good about taking turns on the swings:

A picnic at the park:

A picture of our awesome mommy/kid group!

All Jayce wanted to do was ride the train:

On one of the rare moments that all the kids weren't outside, the girls decided to color some pictures for a while.

On Sunday, we all caravaned to a nearby park on a lake to picnic and swim.

I think Willon loved the water.

Vivi cooling off by swimming:

Jaina's favorite thing at the lake was the water slide. She was too scared to go down at first, until she realized that the nice lifeguard would make sure she didn't go under.

And everyone was so tired from all the activities that cuddling made the list of "things to do" as well.

Hey, maybe next year we'll all go to Texas!


  1. Oh, I would love more info. about the mosaic! That seems like a really great project! Is there instructions or materials you suggest?

    This is an event you will remember for a lifetime. I am so happy that you did this. Love all your pictures. Jessie, anyone who has you around is very lucky.


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