Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring in the Middle of Winter

So, February in South Carolina tends to be a bit finicky.

Thank goodness for Time Hop, which will let me know if I commented or took a picture of the weather on a particular day in the past. And I usually did.

Last year it was thunderstorms:

But the year before, it actually snowed!

And the year before, it was warm enough for outside sidewalk chalk.

And 8 years ago, it was freezing. Literally.

We've been cautiously enjoying this year's beautiful weather all while waiting for the other shoe to drop. We don't dare put away our boots, scarves, and long pajamas. That's a sure fire way to guarantee that it will freeze again, or even snow.

So we drag out our Spring/Summer clothing out of storage and wear lots and lots of layers that can be taken off as the temperature rises 30 degrees in 6 hours.

And we play outside. A lot :)

This Florida-born Summer-lovin' mom isn't complaining one bit :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Thank goodness for still having a preschooler around! The big kids are too old for Valentine's day parties at school, but I still get to celebrate with Jocelyn :)

I let Brian off the hook this year and told him that Costco flowers were just fine. They smelled so heavenly!

We went out to dinner at Cribb's Kitchen. I actually can't remember the last time we've been out on a date just the two of us!

And I ate an entire bag of Lindor Truffles. It was heavenly!

Oh, and I got a chance to wear my Valentine's day LuLaRoe leggings :)

I'm a little obsessed. But that's for another post :)

Friday, February 17, 2017

Best Photo Size

Excuse me while I take care of some blog housekeeping.

The majority of my readers now come to my blog from their phone. I've noticed that my pictures are sized for optimal viewing on a PC or laptop, not a mobile device.

So, I'm putting some pictures to the test.

Off to go view on my phone!

Thursday, February 16, 2017

10 on 10 :: February 2017

The goal is to take a picture every hour for 10 hours on the 10th day of the month to document your life and find the beauty in the every day. I usually fail this assignment in some way, but still enjoy the challenge of it. Sometimes it's the only time I pick up my DSLR all month except for paid sessions.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Magic Kingdom :: Day 4

I have this quirk about needing to both start and end our Disney World vacations by visiting the Magic Kingdom. As many parks as the corporation will add,
I will still love Magic Kingdom the best.

So, that's where we headed on our last day. And we had really cool matching monogrammed/personalized shirts thanks to my friend Tanya.

Gosh, I love seeing this castle.

We headed straight for Tomorrowland. If my boys can't be in Epcot, then they'll settle for this part of the park.

Brian and the kids rode Space Mountain while Jocelyn and I walked onto Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger ride.


I kicked some butt with my score :)

Brian and the kids weren't done yet, so Jocelyn and I took Perry, Jr on the People Mover again. All in all, we rode it like 5 times that week.

After that, it was my turn for Space Mountain with the big kids!

Jocelyn, Brian, and Jayce went back on the Jungle Cruise, so Jaina and I checked out the tree house.

 Next up was Enchanted Tales with Belle. It was super fun! Brian was a Knight. Jocelyn was the Wardrobe, and Jayce was Phillipe, the horse.

We had a meltdown at lunch time, unfortunately. 4 days of Disney world will do that to you, unfortunately. It was very crowded at the Pinocchio house for lunch and I needed all the kids to go grab a table with Brian while I ordered. Someone didn't want to leave me.

I had caprese flatbread and it was amazing!

We rode the Teacups almost immediately after lunch. We're silly like that.

Then back to the Tomorrowland Speedway!

Jocelyn was a crazy driver! And Brian and Jayce were behind us and Brian thought that *I* was driving the entire time :P

Then I took the girls to the Country Bear Jamboree. They were not impressed. Every single parent I talked to was there because we remembered it from our own childhoods.

Dinner that night was at Tony's. You know, Tony's? The "besta seat in da house!" from Lady and the Tramp.

The food was amazing! Brian, Jocelyn, and I were very happy. The big kids didn't feel well and didn't eat a thing.

I love the lit up castle at night :)

Then we proceeded to ride Big Thunder Mountain 3 times and Splash Mountain 5 times. The waits were under 5 minutes and most of the time we just walked right on. 

Jocelyn says now that she didn't really like the drop on Splash Mountain. But I can tell you that she loved it when we were there! But Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was her favorite ride, hands down!

We were tired, but happy, and left the park at closing time feeling like we had done and seen absolutely everything we wanted to.

It was a great trip and I'm hoping we can go back in just a few years :)