Epcot :: Day Two

My boys were excited to head to their favorite park the next day. Both Brian and Jayce love Epcot more than any other Disney park. Us girls? Not so much. We are hardcore Magic Kingdom fans. But it's all good :)

We rode a few things before heading over to the Tour of Countries. Last time we were there (3 years ago), we didn't get to explore at all. This time we went to every single country :)

We also met up with my brother and his family for a bit while we were there. They had restaurant reservations for lunch and we had fast passes for Frozen!

The girls enjoyed the gift shop in Japan the best. My family loves all things Japanese!

Brian and the kids went on the Agent P Mission throughout the countries. They got every one but Italy.

 Jayce was especially excited to see Beymax. He loves Big Hero Six.

I took Jocelyn to a fountain to play while the big kids rode Mission Space.

Then it was time to leave Epcot and head to The Grand Floridian for our Character Dinner Buffet. We were all super tired.

Unfortunately, the computer systems were down at the hotel's restaurant 1900 Park Fare and we had to wait 40 minutes for our table despite having reservations. The kids were pretty obnoxious in the lobby.

Finally, we got a table! And I sent Brian and Jaina to get their food. Then I helped Jayce with his. Then I got a place for Jocelyn, which she didn't eat. Then I went to go get my plate.

And that's when all the characters came over. Luckily Jaina grabbed my phone and made Brian take pictures.

I got there just in time to meet the Wicked Stepmother. And boy was she wicked!

Jocelyn claimed she hated the food and only ate Gummi Bears for dinner. Sigh.

We took an exhausted family home via monorail and then the shuttle bus.

And there's where I will leave off for now... :)


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