Friday, February 28, 2014

February 365

I know February is a short month, but jeez... where has the time gone? I blinked and the month was over.

Overall, it was a good, but busy, month. It snowed again. No one was sick. We celebrated my mom's birthday and Valentine's day. I babysat a lot. Had a photoshoot. We had a few random days with temps in the 70's. We totally took advantage of those days!

I'm so ready for Spring!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Meet Hat Guy

Our 2-year-old probably has a multiple personality disorder. Oh, I'm sorry... I think the correct term is "Dissociative Identity Disorder". :) I think a lot of toddlers would qualify for this diagnosis. I used to call Jaina "Dr. Jekyl and Ms. Hyde" due to her personality that would change on a dime.

Well, whatever you call it, we now have another member to our family.

Hat Guy.

You can thank Jayce for the name. And you can thank me for the awful straw hat which was purchased at Goodwill for a costume party. 

Jocelyn just randomly picked up the said hat from its home on the shelf in the garage. And she put it on her head and said, "I'm Hat Guy" while patting her tummy.

Hat Guy does all the same things that Jocelyn likes to do. 

Although, sometimes its hard to keep Hat Guy happy when the wind picks up.

Jocelyn will correct me if I call her by the wrong name.

"Jocelyn, do you want a snack?" I asked the other day.
"No. Hat Guy does," was her reply.

Brian will come home from work and see a hat-less Jocelyn and exclaim, "Oh no! Where's Hat Guy?" Then Jocelyn will quickly look for her hat, place it on her head, and say, "Here I am!"

Have I mentioned how much I love this age? So much personality.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Snowmen and Sledding in South Carolina

Yes, we got enough snow to do both!!!

Jocelyn agreed to keep her gloves on this time and LOVED it! Jaina pulled her around on a boogie board. That's how we roll in the south :)

Brian, who had been working from home all week, even stopped what he was doing and came out to build a snowman. He's awesome at rolling up giant snowballs!

Jocelyn couldn't figure out where the carrot was supposed to go exactly...

She tried to build her own snowman, too.

(And yes, we did sing "Do you want to build a snowman?" From the Frozen soundtrack.)

(That's Jaina's friend Kelsey in pink).

Our snowman was named "Not Olaf".

The oreos for eyes was my idea. I might have eaten the rest of the 6 pack.

Jaina and Kelsey built their own mini snowman.

Jayce came out for a little while. He's not a huge fan of snow or cold. He also had trouble keeping his gloves on and his hands would sting with a single touch of ice.

He did enjoy going down the neighborhood hill on Kelsey's sled.

Then the girls thought that the big huge construction pile of dirt would be more fun to go down.

They were filthy and orange by the time they came home!

We missed 4 whole days of school due to this snow. It was hard to go back to "normal" today!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Yesterday was Valentine's day. My husband's 2nd least favorite holiday. (Christmas is his first. For reals. He's a scrooge).

Normally I have to beg/threaten/cry to get Brian to acknowledge the day with at least a little thoughtfulness on his part. Oh, I always get flowers. But I usually get attitude with those flowers. And a reminder on how much they cost.

This year, however, I got the sweetest card attached to my flowers:

I'm pretty amazed that he knows how long we've been together.

And I have to laugh at the flower people spelling his name wrong. He HATES the spelling of Brian the "wrong" way :P

So, my hubby gets props for being sweet. ALL ON HIS OWN!

My tulips were beautiful. (I love roses, but not red roses. And tulips are my favorite flower).

He gave his darling Jaina a single red tulip in her own vase. Complete with a dog stuffed animal. She was thrilled :)

Then we made cupcakes. They were yummy. I suck at baking. You'd think that I couldn't ruin a batch of cupcakes from a box mix, but I overcooked half of them because I didn't hear the oven timer go off. I was watching re-runs of How I Met Your Mother.

We went to lunch as a family. Nothing screams Valentine's Day and Romance than Taco Bell.

We are going out for a real date night tomorrow night! So excited! Now to see who wins their restaurant of choice :P

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snowmageddon 2014

I might need to give my northern readers a gentle reminder that I am writing this blog from South Carolina. We have a much different view of snow and ice down here than you do. One flake, or even the threat of a flake, will close school. With very good reason.

1. we don't pre-treat the majority of our roads down here in anticipation of winter weather. Its costly, the chance of it actually freezing is slim, so it would be a lot of man hours and materials wasted if used salt and sand trucks ahead of time.

2. The highways and high traffic areas might be fine, but SC has a lot of two-lane country backroads that you must first take to get to any of the 4 lane highways. Those are the roads that will get you.

3. There are always people with 4 wheel drive that think they can drive on ice. That is my number one reason for staying off the roads. I don't want them to hit me!

With that said, we have been "snowed in" since Tuesday. The roads were actually okay the majority of Tuesday so my husband went to work, but the kids were out of school. We had heard that the snow might start by Monday night, so we were quite disappointed with seeing bare yard on Tuesday morning.

But once it started, it was beautiful.

It went from a few flakes to an inch or so in a couple of hours. Although it snowed ALL day long on Tuesday, it never accumulated to much more than an inch or two. Some of the spots in our yard even started melting.

We didn't even go outside on Tuesday, except to pick up a refill of Jayce's ADHD meds. Several of our neighbors were out playing in it and making snowmen. The forecast said we'd get 6-12 inches on Wednesday, so my kids were holding out for the "real" snow.

Instead, we baked cookies.

And ate Macaroni and cheese:

And watched the snow from the window.

And we took obligitory snow pictures out our back door.

So, after snowing off and on for 48 hours, you'd think that we would have a TON of snow, right? At least those 6" which was at the bottom of what the weather people were predicting.

Um, not really. I mean, the road is at least covered in this picture.

Our neighbors have a sled and were nice enough to let my kids have a turn on it. I took Jocelyn out for 10 minutes, but because she refused to wear gloves, her hands got cold fast and she ended up crying hard. I used it as a teachable moment and she said she would wear gloves next time. The wind was also blowing the stinging snow right into our faces. Um, that is NOT the snow we signed up for!

Because of the wind, we only had an inch in some areas.


And then in some areas of the yard, we got about 3 inches!

Much more exciting to this southern girl!

Unfortunately, the snow turned to sleet and we had to listen to ice pellets for the remainder of the evening. I am thankful that we did not lose power in the middle of the night because of the ice.

However, waking up this morning was a different scene. You can't see our bottom step at all now. It must have turned back over to snow sometime in the night. And its still snowing, now, as I type this.

Our plans include building a snowman since I braved the cold just to get us carrots the other day.

And hopefully it will stop snowing at *some* point so I can feel comfortable bringing my camera outside without it getting broken.

We are expecting Sunny skies with a high of 49 on Saturday, so maybe this stuff will be gone soon.

I miss Spring.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

Random February

Challenging myself to take one photo a day with my DSLR has been very beneficial to me so far. I am finding joy in taking pictures of my family again.

But since I only select one picture to be the one for the day, I am left with a lot of random pictures that I take throughout the day.

There is no rhyme or reason for these pictures; its just a snapshot of what goes on in our daily life.

The cute baby in the exersaucer is one of my babysitting kids. His big sister is a ham for the camera, but I have yet to get her in a natural pose so pictures of her will have to wait :)

Here's how our February has looked so far:

I hope everyone had a great weekend full of fun! Snow is expected 'round these Southern parts on Tuesday. Stay safe and warm!