Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jayce's Pigeon Party

Not a whole lot of time to journal on this entry. I might have to come back to it later.

Here's the rundown...

My mom couldn't come to Jayce's party at Monkey Joe's, so we decided to have a little family party for him on his actual birthday. We invited Monica, Angie, Angie's girls Maddie and Virginia, and our neighbors, Lori and Dennis.

We cooked hotdogs, since you know, The Pigeon Finds a Hotdog.

I made the cupcakes. First attempt at using frosting and a decorating bag. Not too shabby, right?

The pictures in Black and White are not because I wanted to be artsy. Nope, it means that someone didn't adjust the white balance on my camera for them. Whoops!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Want to be like Mike...

Grandma Kim and Grandpa Lee always rock with the gifts for the kids! This year, Kim picked out a super cool basketball goal for Jayce to use now.... and later. It goes up to 6 feet so it will last a while! Jayce is really into sports (sorry, Brian) and loves to play soccer, golf, and bowling with his little fisher price sets. Now we can add b-ball to the list.

On the day the big huge box arrived from Fed Ex, Jayce was quietly playing in the playroom with a toy. He would not come to the door to see the present what-so-ever. Finally, as the truck was leaving, Jayce's curiosity got the best of him.He saw the box and said, "Basketball!!" I told him that Grandma Kim had given it to him for his birthday! So he dutifully waved to the departing Fed Ex truck and said, "Thank you Grandma Kim!" And then he turned and looked at me and said, "She had to drive home now."

Happy Birthday Baby (not so baby!) Boy

I always get reminiscent of how fast the time has gone around my children's birthdays. Although I am excited to have older and more independent children and watch them grow in height and personality, I do admit that I miss my babies. I don't have babies anymore, do I?

The next few days will be filled with pictures of Jayce. Hope you don't go on Jayce overload or anything :P We do birthdays in a big way around here. Its not just today, we've celebrated since the arrival of his first present last week and we'll continue to celebrate until we are done.

Happy Birthday Jayce!

6 Weeks old:

1st Birthday:

18 months:

2 Years old

3 years old

Monday, April 27, 2009

More Ice Cream Again

Ah, there is nothing better than Bruster's in the summertime. Except that its not quite summertime. Still, the weather has been warm enough to justify some eating ice cream outdoors. This time we took along Jaina's BFF :)

Jayce grabbed my battery charger for my camera and pretended it was a cell phone.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth Day

I'm embarrassed to say that we did not do one "earthy" thing on Earth day. Okay, well, Jaina did pick up some litter at the park, but honestly, we would have done that anyway. I really wanted to attend the Earth day activities at the local woodland preserve or go plant a tree or something, but all of our plans were foiled. Instead, we went to the park and hung out outside for hours.

My mom came over for a bit and I asked her to take a pic of me and the kids. I thought the porch was pretty shady and had no idea we were in such bright lighting. You'd think with my need to squint, I could have figured it out!

Jayce insisted that he really wanted to eat a hamburger (he's never eaten one in his entire life and doesn't really do meat) so we gave him one. He ate the bun all the way around the patty. He was so proud! He kept exclaiming, "I'm eating a hamburger! Jayce likes it! Its got a bun!"

Jaina decided that Jayce needed a sticker for eating his hamburger. She graciously let him pick... almost. She told him that the purple one was the best, so he went for that one.