More Ice Cream Again

Ah, there is nothing better than Bruster's in the summertime. Except that its not quite summertime. Still, the weather has been warm enough to justify some eating ice cream outdoors. This time we took along Jaina's BFF :)

Jayce grabbed my battery charger for my camera and pretended it was a cell phone.


  1. Jayce is so cute in these pictures! Jaina looks like she grew!

    I just found out Saturday night, after a trip to Dairy Queen that Justin does not like Sprinkle on his ice cream.

    I love ice cream and kids, they just go so well together.

  2. I love Brusters! We don't have one near by so I don't get it often. I love that they have doggie ice cream with a milk bone on top. :)

  3. the top pic of jayce is one of my faves of all time!!

  4. there you go again. torturing me with the brewsters.


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