Spring Break: Wednesday EdVenture

Okay, being lazy today :) But that's what Spring Break is all about, right? There were so many pictures to go through. These are all unedited (cause I'm being lazy, remember?) We had a great time and hope to go back!


  1. Cool. Oh, I saw a picture of YOU!!!

    How did you get Brian to go?

    I love Jaina's butterfly top.

    Milking the cow looked real and I loved the grocery store, so realistic.

    I love the picture of Jayce looking up from the staircase, Great composition!

    Looks like they all had fun! We officially started our break today @2:oopm

  2. Great pics! I've been to EdVenture just once before (in all that time living just outside Columbia) but we had a blast. I think I'm getting homesick...

  3. I can't wait to take our son places like that! Jessie! Hi! I found your blog link thru your Facebook page and I've been trying to catch up on what you're up to thru it... I really, really loved what you wrote on Autism Awareness Day and I wonder if you would mind if I shared with my principal and co-workers at our elementary school? Anyway, things are going well for us, I totally love being a mom,-- oh, that's another thing I enjoyed-- the video you posted about Nursing. That made me proud! Well, I hope we can catch up one of these days-- we're rooting for Rachel to get a little closer to home (or at least, closer to you and Victor!) Take care!


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