Earth Day

I'm embarrassed to say that we did not do one "earthy" thing on Earth day. Okay, well, Jaina did pick up some litter at the park, but honestly, we would have done that anyway. I really wanted to attend the Earth day activities at the local woodland preserve or go plant a tree or something, but all of our plans were foiled. Instead, we went to the park and hung out outside for hours.

My mom came over for a bit and I asked her to take a pic of me and the kids. I thought the porch was pretty shady and had no idea we were in such bright lighting. You'd think with my need to squint, I could have figured it out!

Jayce insisted that he really wanted to eat a hamburger (he's never eaten one in his entire life and doesn't really do meat) so we gave him one. He ate the bun all the way around the patty. He was so proud! He kept exclaiming, "I'm eating a hamburger! Jayce likes it! Its got a bun!"

Jaina decided that Jayce needed a sticker for eating his hamburger. She graciously let him pick... almost. She told him that the purple one was the best, so he went for that one.


  1. i love the hamburger eating story!! too cute. and i am still convinced that Ashley and Jaina would be such good friends :)

  2. You are such a great photographer! I see all your wonderful pics and think I just need a better camera... or props maybe :) It helps that you have adorable subjects, of course. That hamburger story made me laugh out loud. Kelsey did the same thing to me when she was 3 - begged for a burger and ate the bun around it. She still won't eat beef. Or chicken unless it's in a nugget :P


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