Want to be like Mike...

Grandma Kim and Grandpa Lee always rock with the gifts for the kids! This year, Kim picked out a super cool basketball goal for Jayce to use now.... and later. It goes up to 6 feet so it will last a while! Jayce is really into sports (sorry, Brian) and loves to play soccer, golf, and bowling with his little fisher price sets. Now we can add b-ball to the list.

On the day the big huge box arrived from Fed Ex, Jayce was quietly playing in the playroom with a toy. He would not come to the door to see the present what-so-ever. Finally, as the truck was leaving, Jayce's curiosity got the best of him.He saw the box and said, "Basketball!!" I told him that Grandma Kim had given it to him for his birthday! So he dutifully waved to the departing Fed Ex truck and said, "Thank you Grandma Kim!" And then he turned and looked at me and said, "She had to drive home now."


  1. I love his response to the Fed Ex truck!

  2. He's so cute, that was a great response to FeDEX.

    Yeah for Grandma Kim and Grandpa for getting him that awesome basket ball hoop. He looks like he really enjoys it.

    I hope he had a nice birthday, we didn't forget him, we love him and will be sending him something soon.

    Can't wait to see the party pictures.


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