Spring Break: Thursday!

Ugh... if I don't get these pictures up soon, I'll honestly forget what we did last Thursday! I am ashamed to admit how bad my "mommy brain" has been lately. Once it happens, I seem to forget it ever existed. Oh well, guess this blog is a good thing!

Thursday morning found the kids with drippy noses and coughs, still. But our good friends The McNulty's came over anyway. Elizabeth and Jaina ran off to play doll house while Liam and Hugh and Jayce ran around the playroom playing cars, ball, whatever, you name it. No pics, I was too busy chatting with my friend Patty on the couch :)

After resting and napping (for Jayce) that afternoon, Jaina informed me that it was spring break and we MUST do something fun. So we called our best friends and asked them if they wanted to hang out as a family with us that night. Brittany suggested Chuck E. Cheese, which works for us!


  1. Chuck-E-Cheese is always better on a weeknight anyway - they are SLAMMED on weekends! And I'm glad to know that "mommy-brain" is something others have, too, and not just that I'm getting old...


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