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Fabulous Friday :: Friday Phone Dump

** I wrote this post on Friday, June 19th, saved as a draft, and planned to finish the next day. Then our internet went out the next day and we didn't get it back for 5 full days! **

Y'all, it's been the kind of week where if I did not have random pictures on my phone, I wouldn't even remember what we did. Today was my last day as a SAHM for the next 8 weeks. That means I crammed a whole lot of stuff in. Thanks to Covid, not much of it was actually fun, though. I think our Summer Bucket List is going to be a crap shoot this year. At least, we won't be going to Chuck E. Cheese or Big Air anytime soon!
So, what did we do?
Well, for starters, we enjoyed the 60 degree weather! Jocelyn and I reserved tickets at the Greenville Zoo (I just remembered my pictures are all on my big camera, lol) and met some friends down there. We kept our social bubble small and stayed away from strangers. However, they were limiting capacity and lots of people wore masks, so I felt pretty com…

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