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New School Year

 So, yeah... I've debated deleting this blog, but I can't bear to do that. First and foremost, this space is for me to journal what we've been up to as a family. Even though the kids are 20, 17, and 10 (and I am now a single mom), there's no reason why I still can't do that.  What better way to restart this blog by beginning with a new school year? Let's start with my youngest kid, Jocelyn (aka Kai). They are 10 and a half now, going on 20 some days, thanks to the influence of teen siblings. Like most 5th graders, they are transitioning from little elementary school kid to big middle school adolescent. Its the time that kids struggle with finding their identity and place in the world.  Best friends Kayla and Alba aren't in their class this year. That leaves Kai a bit ambivalent towards her 5th grade year. I'm hoping that they will add to their friendship circle instead of being sad they aren't with their besties.  Jayce is SUPER pumped for his SENIOR

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