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Happy Campers

Back in February, I was offered a position as an instructional tutor at my daughter's elementary school. I was thrilled and scared at the same time. I shouldn't have been scared... the teachers at HES made sure I was fully prepared to help the kids I'd be working with. I had 4 small groups each day that met with me for 30 minutes. I worked with first graders on telling time and counting money. I also got to work with second graders on place value to a million and rounding.

Although I wasn't available to work many hours due to my commitment at the preschool, the hourly pay was worth it. I had a plan in my head that I'd save all of my tutoring money from March, April and May to help supplement my income this Summer when I was home from the preschool.
Then Covid happened. Schools shut down exactly two weeks after I started at HES. I also found out later in April that the funding that paid for this particular position was in jeopardy because of the virus and most likely…

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