Friday Phone Dump :: Where has the summer gone?

 I blink and then another week has passed us by!

Here's my phone dump from the week!

I decided to make some newborn hairbands that matched my wraps and backdrops. I cannot wait to book some baby girl sessions!

Then I took a break and hung out with Ami, who came down for the day to visit me, KID FREE! (that never happens, lol)

Yeah, I take too many pictures of Willow. So sue me.

I decided to take up crocheting again. I made several bump pads (for layering for newborn sessions!)

We are Gecko sitting for a friend. His name is Koko.

My favorite ice cream, hands down, is Zanzibar Chocolate from Hub City Scoops!

Honeycomb trellis stitch. Look at how even my edges are!!!

Jocelyn had a playdate with her friend Mila and we noticed that Mango was not burrowed in his bedding for once. He's always burrowed in his bedding! We seldom ever see him. So Jaina got him out so we could hold him. Little did we know that we would find him passed away less than 24 hours later. 

Jayce had a well child check up and a filling at the dentist, so we brought Grandma lunch after we went to two back to back appointments. 

Jocelyn and I took Willow to Bruster's for the first time (she was very nervous) and to Tractor Supply (which she does well in). 

Spoiled Pup!

I did a thing on my cricut! So, I had multiple JLC bumper stickers that I made into car magnets. That way I could save them if and when my van dies and I have to get a new one. But I forgot about taking them off one time when I ran my van through the drive through car wash and I lost them all! I have a few bumper stickers left, but only one of each and it made me too nervous to use them. So I scanned them and made window decals instead. I'm in love! Now everyone knows its my van :)

The girls and I took Grandma to JoAnn Fabrics. I found lots of yarn! Yay! I should be good for the next 6 months!

We're about to have a great rest of the weekend together, too!


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