Friday Phone Dump :: July Edition

 This summer is flying by and I can't even slow down long enough to remember what all we've done! We just got back from visiting Delaware, so I owe a blog post on that for sure.

We started the week off by driving back home from Delaware, which takes about 8.5 hours without stopping. But we stopped a ton and it took us 13 hours to get home.

First stop was Virginia to visit my college friend Laura Massey :)

Then our next stop was to get Jayce and Jocelyn McDonald's in a small town that only had one fast food restaurant, 3 miles from the highway and it took 45 minutes to get our food. 

Next stop was in Charlottesville to see Rachel and family :) 

We got home safe and sound, although the construction on I-85 Southbound was horrific and I ended up having to get off 15 miles from our exit to take back roads. 

Monday was filled with unpacking and laundry. This is my new table runner from Delaware :)

Our sweet Willow missed us very much, but all the animals were taken care of by the best people in the world :)

I also spent time with my two favorite kids (which still doesn't feel like a job!) this week. 

Jocelyn had a playdate and my friend Kathy and I spent hours catching up! Ethan was happy to play with Spaz :)

Jayce had a good doctor's visit and now weighs 112! His highest weight ever is 114. His goal is 120. He's working on it!

I also started taking headshots at Magnolia Counseling Associates. I can't wait to see their new website!

My zinnias are thriving, but I've been neglecting them. I just deadheaded a bunch of them so hopefully I'll get new blooms soon!

What an exhausting and crazy week it's been, but we are all surviving!


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