Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bread... 5th Attempt

I did it.

And all I needed was some kneading help from Jaina!

And a new recipe :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snoman Family and TV

Much to my dismay, organized craft time has slowly evolved into "Just do what *I* want to do for an hour, mom!" So, sometimes we do science experiments, sometimes we play in her room, sometimes we go to the park to play, sometimes she just wants me to watch TV with her. But here are two crafts we did a couple weeks ago:

Monday, January 28, 2008

Its So Funny...

I live for pictures like these. Every since Jayce was 17 months old, I have not been able to get him to look and smile at a camera. He's more interested in how the camera works, pushing the buttons to see the flash go off or the digital zoom lens expand and retract. When he does that, he gets this expressionless look on his face that no amount of "hey, Jayce, say CHEESE!" or singing silly songs will engage his attention.

And every once in a while, every 100 pictures or so, I'll catch Jayce smiling at something and am able to direct his gaze over to me if he doesn't know the camera is coming. Those are the pictures I post here. I usually end up deleting the pictures of Jayce that don't capture his personality correctly. Yeah, I know... not exactly "real life" photography, but his smiles are what I want to remember.

In this particular case, I was feeding Jayce a bowl of cereal and something funny happened to come on the TV that Jaina was watching. I can't remember exactly what it was... just a silly sound or phrase that made Jayce laugh. I reached for the camera just in time and kept repeating the sound I heard on TV. The planets aligned and I was able to get some cute pics of my baby boy.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cold Day Soup

I'm always looking to try new recipes since I tend to get bored very easily with the same old stuff my husband likes day in and day out. This new cookbook I got in NC has some tasty soup recipes in it. Brian thought it would be funny if I made a pot of soup every night for dinner that week. So I did :) I ended up only making 4 different soups, though, because of time constraints on the other nights.

Mushroom Rice Soup: Definitely my favorite of the bunch. I tried it in the crockpot a few days later and did not have the same results. Cooked on the stovetop, it tasted just like the soup they give you as an appetizer at an Asian restaurant. YUM!
Tortellini Soup: A close second to the Mushroom Rice soup in terms of my favorite. However, I serve myself a bowl before dumping in the required kidney beans that are called for. I am not a bean person!
Chicken Tortilla Soup: Very easy to throw together, but a tad bit too spicy for my tastes. Brian loved it! Jaina likes crunching chips in it.
Butternut Squash Soup: I have never cooked with a butternut squash before this moment. I was so surprised at how hard it was to cut into! I actually had to make the soup without the squash until Brian got home and could help me dice it. I threw it in the last 5 minutes of cooking time before transferring to the blender. This was Brian's favorite soup, hands down. He said that it tasted like something they would make at the fancy restaurant at the guest house of the company he works for. I guess that's a compliment!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 2 of Snow

Yeah, so you are looking at Day Two of Snow from last Saturday. Exciting, huh? Unfortunately, everything the weatherman fore casted came true. We did have precipitation starting at noon and lasting into the evening. The cold front did move up I-85 and drop temperatures into the 20's. It just didn't happen at the same time!!! Normally we get Atlanta's weather pretty consistently, but not this time. :( So you are looking at pictures of Jaina outside, in a sleeveless shirt, trying to catch flurries and freezing rain on her tongue. Hey, we take what we can get!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Atlanta Christmas: Jeff's House

The last of the Christmas Pictures! We had such a blast at my brother Jeff's house. I just loaded Jayce full of tylenol and pretended he wasn't sick (and thank goodness, we managed to not get anyone else sick either!) We got to spend the day with the cousins from Florida. How lucky we were to get to see them twice in 2007! Jaina and Joshua played leggos and drums while Jayce and Justin played the race car game with Uncle Jeff's help. Jeff showed off his domestic side by making everyone a great breakfast! I hated that we had to go home, but I knew in my mommy gut that Jayce and I were getting sick with something.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Atlanta Christmas: Outside Play

Jaina, who is hardly ever cold, had a blast going out back to help Grandpa feed the dogs named River and JoJo. And swing on Aunt Jami's old tire horse swing. And ride her scooter. And what did Jayce like to do? He played in the car. Silly boy!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Don't mind me...

Jayce's nutritionist asked me to make a list of all foods that Jayce ate willingly before all his issues with food started around 17 months old. I really detest microsoft word and its documents, so I'm copying it here instead to save.

Table Foods accepted from ages 10 months- 17 months:

Cooked carrots
Broccoli cheese soup
Canned greenbeans
Vegetable soup
Chicken noodle soup
Plain pasta with butter and shredded parmesan
Macaroni and cheese
Pasta Roni brand Shells and White Cheddar
White rice
Saffron rice
Curry chicken
Pad thai with rice noodles
Stouffer’s savory chicken meal
Yobaby yogurt (two different flavors)
Trix yogurt
Chocolate pudding
Grilled cheese
American cheese slices
Bran flakes
Cocoa pebbles
Crescent rolls
Ice cream
Corn chips
Mashed potatoes

Atlanta Christmas: Stone Mountain

Jaina could not wait to go back to Stone Mountain. Grandpa was only happy to oblige. Now that he's had knee surgery, walking around with the grandkids is much more manageable. Last year, when we went, Jayce was overwhelmed by the crowds and spent the majority of the time screaming. This trip was soooo much better! He's just made a world of difference with his sensory issues. The kids had a great time, despite the fact that we would all be coming down with strep throat the next day!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Atlanta Christmas: hotel and grandpa's house

Before it gets too late to post these, I'd better back track a few weeks and write about our trip to Atlanta right after Christmas.

We stayed in a hotel (free!!) courtesy of my dad's travel rewards points. This is the best Jayce has every done in a hotel! For a while there, he would only sleep in a bed in his room, so a hotel meant no sleep for any of us. This time, he slept in the bed twice and opted to sleep on the floor a couple of nights as well. Jaina loved the window ledge with the sheer curtain the best :)

The rest of these pictures are from hanging out at my Dad's house. Jayce and Jaina got permission from my stepmom to take off the tinsel on the tree to play with it. Boy, did they have a blast!