Jumping Down Memory Lane

As I was posting "100 Random Things About Myself" on APU, I realized that a good chuck of them had to do with my colleges days as an "Opiate". No, I've never smoked opium before (and don't plan to!) That's what followers of Charleston-based band Jump, Little Children were called. I remember the first time someone asked me if I was on Opium (At the small theatre in Little 5 Points, which name escapes me right now). I was pretty offended that he thought I was on drugs, until he saw my shocked face. "NO! I mean, on Opium, JLC's listserv." I joined right after that concert and met some of the neatest people on there. My first experience at really connecting with the world through the internet :)

So, if you haven't had the experience of Jump, Little Children and would like to, here's a sample.


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