Snoman Family and TV

Much to my dismay, organized craft time has slowly evolved into "Just do what *I* want to do for an hour, mom!" So, sometimes we do science experiments, sometimes we play in her room, sometimes we go to the park to play, sometimes she just wants me to watch TV with her. But here are two crafts we did a couple weeks ago:


  1. I love the snowman and TV. Wow, how creative. I love the fact that you use a wall in your home to display the art.

  2. those are so cool! tell jaina we want her to come teach crafts at our house...

  3. I love that TV. I guess she can change the toys and "watch" different things on her TV. Philip and I should make one of those. For as much as he LOVES watching TV, he would love to be able to control what was on it.

  4. That's a great project. Rhetta is so into snowmen, fake ones - lol, we'll have to try that here.


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