Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Frightfully warm and beautiful, that is :) It is a little scary if you want to ponder whether 70 degrees in January is completely normal or a sign of impending doom from global warming, though. At any rate, we took advantage of the unusual weather and played outside all week!

Blowing Bubbles

Jaina's chalk creations

We have now decided to dedicate 1 full hour of our day to craft time, from 3-4 PM. Jaina looks through her craft books, picks a theme (or idea or specific project) and we work to make it happen. For this craft, we did the bird by following the instructions. Everything else was completely from Jaina's craft ingenuity. She definitely takes after her grandma!

And we finally went to the park! This was the best day. Jaina met another little girl there and we all three played "hide and go seek" and "freeze tag". Jayce thought we were absolutely hilarious when we took turns sitting on the bench, covering our eyes, counting, then running around the park. He counted with us and ran around, too.


  1. golly, jess...you're such a lovely mama... <3

  2. What a great week. So glad you are all better. PLEASE call me if you go to the park again. I'd love to join you! That is if it gets warm and again and if it's not naptime at my house!

  3. OH, your so lucky to have such scenic parks. You've seen what we have down here, flat lands and boring trees. As for the crafts, I see Jaina definelty takes after your mom, did you meet her friend "Sally" she made last week. Your mom said she thought of the idea all by herself.

  4. I have really been enjoying your entries, Jess. I'm sorry I can't comment on them all. Your photography is wonderful, too. Keep it up. it's very encouraging!

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    i love jaina's tree and bird!


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