Friday, September 30, 2016


The Walker family loves a good Fall Festival and we try to hit as many as we can. For some reason, we've never gone to Spartanburg's own version of Oktoberfest. I have no idea why, but we've been missing out!

Jayce has always wanted to try paintball. I've been against it for many reasons... mainly because I hate guns. And paintball hurts. But for $2 and basically just taking target practice? We let him try it. Of course, now he wants his 12th birthday to be at this place. Sigh...

Jocelyn was enthralled by the free inflatables for the kids. You could go on them as many times as you wanted to.

The big kids had fun with hula hoops and frisbees.

Oh, and the chicken dance, of course!

The food was awesome!

And we got to hang out with our good friends!

This one is definitely on our list for next year!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Fall Ball Again

I can't believe it's been four months since Jayce's D2 team had played their last Spring game. He was excited to get back to baseball after the Summer break.

Jayce loves suggesting names for the team. They've been the Tornadoes,  The Devil Dogs, ThunderStruck, The Flares... This season, the team voted on the name and Jayce's suggestion won! This year they are The Vipers.

There's a lot of familiar faces again on this season's team. Many of Jayce's teammates moved up from 10U to 12U this season with him.  There are also about 5 or 6 new players to get to know.

Moving up to 12U is a whole new ballgame for real!

Hopefully these guys will find their groove soon.

Normally Jocelyn doesn't have to attend the games, but sometimes Brian or Jaina can't watch her, so she'll have to come along.

I miss the days when she used to wear Jayce's extra uniform shirt :)

Here's to the Fall Ball Season!


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Hump Day Phone Dump

I do have to say that I love having a phone with a good camera again :) It's about to be Fall picture season which means I'll only use my big girl camera when I take pictures for clients. My own kids will get crappy cell phone pics and will most likely be okay with that.

Here's what we've been up to:

Jocelyn wanted to do math homework with Jayce. So she added a few sums and counted to 100. That's pretty good for preschool :)

Jocelyn couldn't figure out what to watch this morning. I suggested Blue's Clues and she had to go get her Blue Puppy. It was originally Jaina's and we've had it forever.

Last night after books, Jocelyn remembered that she needed to finish a worksheet she had forgotten about earlier.

Earlier yesterday, she was bored and played with my phone. It yielded some interesting pictures.

Then she got obsessed with Snapchat filters and almost didn't give me my phone back!

Monday was Shaggy's surgery follow up at the vet's office. Unfortunately, we got some bad news. His test results came back as skin cancer. I'll update in another separate post.

September 11th was a relaxing Sunday full of naps.

I also started decorating for Fall.

I totally missed taking pictures for 10 on 10. Saturdays are insane for us and I just plain didn't have time.

I attended HPA's 9-11 Tribute on Friday, Sept. 9th. It was so well put together. I was so impressed with both the program and the student audience who was very respectful. I got to hear Jaina sing with her new chorus ensemble and they were amazing.

The rest of this week will bring two baseball games and another busy weekend.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Labor Day Weekend

We crammed a lot of fun into our three day weekend, despite having two sick kids. Jayce told me after school on Friday that his throat hurt. I didn't think much of it, but by Saturday afternoon, he was SO sick! Like, couldn't- move -ache- all -over -fever -and -crying- sick.

Which means I kind of regret letting him go to breakfast with us that morning.

It was the 2016-2017 BSHS Marching Band Fundraiser breakfast. It's the one time Brian doesn't mind spending money on taking us out to eat :)

I left the big kids home with Brian and took Jocelyn to a birthday party. We ended up having to leave early, though, because my husband was incapable of giving Jayce a dose of Advil. Sigh.

I didn't take pictures at Gabby's birthday, but I'm glad my friend Jackie did :)

We left Jayce and Jaina home on Sunday to keep their germs to themselves. By then Jaina, too, had a sore throat and an ear ache. Our friends Danielle and Thad had invited us to a cookout at their house. We had a blast!

We had decided on Friday that we'd try to head up to Chimney Rock State Park on Monday since it had been forever since we had gone. We let the big kids decide if they felt good enough to go. They decided to try, since Advil was pretty much keeping their symptoms at bay. I'm glad we all went!

Of course, a sore throat that lasts Friday through Tuesday needs to be looked at, so the big kids are heading to the doctor this afternoon. I guess I'll see soon if it's strep. Gotta love Welcome Back to School germs :)