The Walker family loves a good Fall Festival and we try to hit as many as we can. For some reason, we've never gone to Spartanburg's own version of Oktoberfest. I have no idea why, but we've been missing out!

Jayce has always wanted to try paintball. I've been against it for many reasons... mainly because I hate guns. And paintball hurts. But for $2 and basically just taking target practice? We let him try it. Of course, now he wants his 12th birthday to be at this place. Sigh...

Jocelyn was enthralled by the free inflatables for the kids. You could go on them as many times as you wanted to.

The big kids had fun with hula hoops and frisbees.

Oh, and the chicken dance, of course!

The food was awesome!

And we got to hang out with our good friends!

This one is definitely on our list for next year!


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