Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Catching Up: North Carolina

We might have driven 12 hours round trip to spend less than 48 hours with our friends, but it was totally worth it. We crammed a whole lotta fun in 48 hours!

We played inside...

We played outside...

We napped...

We watched several 'performances'...

We played outside some more...

We had ice cream...

But don't forget the real reason we were there...

And some more random pictures...

This is how Kyler greeted me when we arrived home.

It was SO cool that our boys both wore their matching Parker's Pals shirts without planning it at all! However, neither boy wanted to pose for a picture. This is all I could get :(

Look at the beautiful creature that I killed by vehicular homicide. It was topic for conversation all evening.

I always have to take a picture of these girls to see how much they've grown :)

Big bad Marine? Or completely smitten teddy bear?

You be the judge.

Sadly, this will be our very last time visiting our friends in their base home in North Carolina. They've been given orders to move. I can't believe its been 3 years already! Don't worry, we'll be visiting them in their new home, too.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Seven Months

And as of last week, she is sitting up all by herself! I don't have to worry about her falling over and smacking her head on the floor. I mean, it could still happen, but its most likely not to. She knows how to get into a tummy-laying position from the sitting one.

And because I couldn't resist trying on her little pettiskirt that has been too big for her until now...

At 7 months, Jocelyn is:

- taking a bottle 3 times a day, nursing as much as I can get her to between those bottles.
-eating a fruit mixed with rice cereal (she loves that starchy paste stuff, yuck!) for breakfast, a veggie for lunch, and a "dinner" with meat and veggies for supper.
- drinking water out of a sippy cup.
- sitting up for longer periods without falling over
- napping 3 times a day
- sleeping almost from 9-6:30 without waking up. She still likes to party at 4 AM for some reason.
- dragging herself across floors with her arms. Its not quite the sophisticated "army crawl" that Jayce had, but it gets her where she needs to go.
- clapping her hands together
- saying "da da da" when she sees Brian. I'm still not sure if its babbling or her actual first word, so not sure I'm counting it just yet.
- grabbing jewelry, hair, remotes, cell phones, and laptops. She thinks if you have it while you are holding her, its really hers.
- smiling non-stop
- chewing constantly on hands. Still waiting for first tooth!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching Up: Sibling Bonding

For the most part, Jayce alternates between ignoring Jocelyn and being obsessed with kissing her. Some days I don't know what's worse! He loves to say, "I love you, baby... I love you, baby..." in a high-pitched screeching voice. Its like nails on a chalkboard! Ouch!

And sometimes, Jayce can be really sweet with Jocelyn. I know its been a hard adjustment for him as our now middle child. Its been too easy to baby Jayce with his developmental delays and subsequent autism. I love it when he asks to hold her or brings her a favorite toy.

I think I've mentioned that Jayce has had a rough summer this year. There was a particular day that he was just awful to his sisters. Oh, how this breaks my heart in two. Its no secret that I'll go all "momma bear" on someone that messes with my kids. But when the attacker IS one of my kids? That's tough.

My first thought was to separate Jayce from both Jaina and Jocelyn and not give him the opportunity to continue his aggression. And I did do this for a little while. But I wanted to end the day on a positive note and also show Jayce that I trusted him again to be around his baby sister. 

And what's one way to bond with your brother or sister in a fun and relaxing environment?

A bath :)

It was the perfect way to end a very stressful day.

Everything was forgiven and forgotten.

It also had the added benefit of accomplishing the washing of a very stinky dirty boy who doesn't like to take baths anymore.

I'm sure this won't be the last time my kids are at odds with one another. But I sure hope that turning the day around will be as easy as it was this time.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catching Up: The Biggest Children's Museum in the South

.... just happens to be a mere 30 minutes from us.

We've been a few times, but not nearly as many times as I'd like. We are so fortunate to live in our area. We are close to Discovery Place in Charlotte, to KidSenses in Rutherfordton, to EdVenture in Columbia, and not to mention all the wonderful places in Atlanta. So the only reason we haven't frequented The Children's Museum of the Upstate is due to the fact that we like to visit ALL the children's museums around us.

On this very special visit, we celebrated our dear friends Louis and Cassie's birthdays. Thanks for inviting us, Becca!

First stop: The News and Weather anchor station.

Then, the wind tunnel...

No visit is complete without a climb on some DNA!

I remember a time when Jayce was obsessed with "crotches" which was his word for "crutches". He claimed it was not as easy as it looks!

So, its apparent that the 10 year old really can pull her own weight around here :)

The kids got to participate in a human board game. They had a blast!

Taking a Light Bright to the next level...

Thanks, Becca, for letting us be a part of your children's special day!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Catching Up: No More Training Wheels

I think it was Jayce's ABA Team meeting in the month of May when we decided that it was time to teach Jayce to ride his bike without training wheels. Jayce has always had a hard time with certain gross motor skills and peddling a bike has been a particular challenge for him.

His lead therapist suggested that we purchase a "balance bar" to attach to his bike. This would allow him to steer and peddle his bike without training wheels, but someone would be doing the balancing for him.

I was just about to buy one when his line therapist stopped me. "Let's just see what happens first. Let's take his training wheels off as soon as school gets out and we have more time to practice."

So, on a Friday in early June, we put his bike in the back of my van (what did I ever do without my minivan??) and drove down to a nearby park with a huge flat parking lot.

He was a little nervous, but very ready. Jayce was determined to ride his bike without training wheels today.

And ride he did....

It took him all of five seconds to find his balance. Then it took him another few minutes to learn to steer AND peddle AND balance all at the same time. But once he got it... he GOT it!

Jayce wanted to ride all morning long. We took a quick break to check out this crazy looking bug.

The girls had a good time, too, at first... then they both got a little impatient.

I'm so proud of my boy! All the things he's accomplished in such a short time! Its unbelievable to me that he'll be ending his 3 year ABA run this Fall. We will miss having such wonderful therapists be a big part of our lives.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

(don't worry... we are still nursing, too!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Still Alive

We're just busy cramming fun/errands/shopping/haircuts/therapy/meetings into the very last week of Summer before school starts.

Here's a pic to pacify my readers until a real blog post can go up :)

Jocelyn and Logan, July 2012, almost 6 mo old.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Nothing wrong with these Little Piggie Toes

I took Jocelyn to Jayce's Occupational Therapy appointment a little early today. Jayce's OT was nice enough to ask her co-worker, a pediatric Physical Therapist, to take a quick look at Jocelyn's muscle tone when she had a free minute.

The good news is that Jocelyn's muscle tone is just fine. So why the "spaghetti legs" then?

She simply does not want her feet to touch the ground. Its probably because she thinks they belong in her mouth?

Its most likely sensory related. We're no strangers to Sensory Integration Dysfunction (also known as Sensory Processing Disorder) thanks to Jayce. And thankfully, Jocelyn does not have this diagnosis (yet).

And more good news? Sensory stuff can be overcome. Just look at Jayce! We already have the therapy brush and will be starting Jocelyn on brushing and joint compressions. We'll also expose her feet to many different surfaces and practice standing up one leg at a time.

Oh, the only suggestion that Jocelyn did not like was to wear shoes. I put some soft-soled Robeez on her and you'd thought that I was pinching her instead! Girlfriend is gonna be just like her mom and sister... flip-flops or barefoot is the way to go!