Catching Up: The Biggest Children's Museum in the South

.... just happens to be a mere 30 minutes from us.

We've been a few times, but not nearly as many times as I'd like. We are so fortunate to live in our area. We are close to Discovery Place in Charlotte, to KidSenses in Rutherfordton, to EdVenture in Columbia, and not to mention all the wonderful places in Atlanta. So the only reason we haven't frequented The Children's Museum of the Upstate is due to the fact that we like to visit ALL the children's museums around us.

On this very special visit, we celebrated our dear friends Louis and Cassie's birthdays. Thanks for inviting us, Becca!

First stop: The News and Weather anchor station.

Then, the wind tunnel...

No visit is complete without a climb on some DNA!

I remember a time when Jayce was obsessed with "crotches" which was his word for "crutches". He claimed it was not as easy as it looks!

So, its apparent that the 10 year old really can pull her own weight around here :)

The kids got to participate in a human board game. They had a blast!

Taking a Light Bright to the next level...

Thanks, Becca, for letting us be a part of your children's special day!


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