Flashback Friday: 6 Months

If I had a dime for every time someone commented, "Wow, Jocelyn looks SO much like Jayce!", I'd be pretty well off. Now, if I had a dime for every time I glanced down at Jocelyn and did a double take because I had flashbacks of Jayce as a baby, I'd be super rich.

When I had that one ultrasound of Jocelyn and we were able to see her profile, I immediately thought I was having a boy. Their profiles, on u/s, were identical.

When she was born and I first saw her head, I thought, "Wow, its another boy that looks JUST like Jayce!" I was kinda shocked that "he" was really a girl... who looked just like Jayce :)

As a newborn, they favored each other very much. As Jocelyn has gotten older, however, I see too many differences to think that they look identical anymore.

And something funny? When Jocelyn is sleeping with her eyes closed, she looks just like Jaina did when she was a sleeping baby.

Here's Jaina at 6 months:

I couldn't find a picture of Jayce at 6 months, so this one at 7 months will have to suffice.

And here's Jocelyn at 6 months:

Jocelyn's cheeks are chubbier, by far. And of course, there is that dimple in her chin. I think its the nose, head shape, and eye shape that they share.



  1. I think they all three look alike and look a lot like their Daddy.

    Then new blog look is great!!!!

  2. Grandma Paula6:37 PM

    No doubt they are all adorable!


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