Friday, July 27, 2018

Catching Up: Spring Fling 2018

Sometimes life finds us too scheduled and busy to attend Spring Fling, but it worked out this year. It happened to fall on Jayce's 13th birthday. Since he wasn't having a party (he chose to get Switch games instead), we spent the afternoon in downtown Spartanburg at the Spring Fling festival.

After walking around a bit, we decided to have dinner at Monsoon. Now, if you know Jayce, you already know that he does not care for any kind of Asian food. Not Chinese, not Japanese, not Thai, not Vietnamese. And that's exactly what Monsoon has. He ordered a Wonton Noodle bowl and probably ate half of it. That's good for Jayce!

After dinner we found the one craft booth that has anime and gaming stuff. And Jocelyn found an LPS bow!

We mistakenly thought that Spring Fling stayed open until all hours of the night. Nope... we got tickets and then found out all the rides were closing.

We did go back the next day:

And as we were standing in line for more tickets, Jocelyn lost her first tooth!!

It was a Spring Fling we'll never forget!

Monday, July 23, 2018

Walkers Go North :: Boston

While we were in New Hampshire with Aunt Susan and Uncle Ron, we were only about 45 minutes away from Boston, Massachusetts, so we headed there for two days!

First stop was The Shake Shack for some burgers and fries!

Then on to the Children's Museum!

Thanks to Aunt Susan for the great pictures with her Nikon!

The next day we took a Duck Boat Tour around the city!

We also went to the Science Museum. We did NOT have enough time at this place! We'll definitely be going back there the next time we visit! We were so impressed with it!

We also had a nice dinner at Cousin Victoria's house with her beautiful family, including Aunt Linda and Uncle Michael :) I just love Uncle Michael! I think Brian favors him the most out of all his relatives!

We loved Boston and the surrounding areas!