Thursday, July 27, 2006


I promise, one day I am going to be a proficient gardener and erase my brown thumb forever. Every year I try to plant some things. Azaelas: dead. Crype Myrtle: didn't bloom. Gladiolas: fell over. Tulips: only two or three came up. I think it was the weed killer Brian put down.

For heaven sakes.... I worked for a plant nursery for months in High School! The motto on the back of my shirt said, "I love to play in the dirt". Well, its a good thing I like to play in the dirt because I sure can't grow anything in the dirt.

This summer, I let Jaina pick out 3 packs of seeds. She picked based on the color of the flowers on the packet. I then checked to see if they could grow in full sun. I have no idea what we planted, but two types of flowers came up. A friend of mine told me that the ones that are doing well are called Zinnias.

For some reason, only the right side of the mailbox was able to grow flowers. Don't ask me why. The dirt should have been the same on both sides. Oh well. I have a lopsided flower bed, but atleast we have flowers! It was very fun watching them grow!

Next year, I'll plant more zinnias, some mexican heather, and some marigolds. I have had success with all three, so I think I'll stick to those things. Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

New Toy

Thanks to my good friend Brandy from MOMS Club, we are enjoying a new Fisher Price activity table. I think her boys didn't find it exciting anymore, so she was looking for a new home for it. My kids, on the other hand, can't get enough of it. Its already sparked some arguments and pushing between the kids.

Dummy me... when we first got it home, I couldn't figure out how it worked. I pushed every button it had. I could not get the alphabet pictures in the middle to move from "Z" Zebra. We turned it off and let it sit. We checked the batteries. We pushed more buttons. I finally gave up and called my friend Brandy who admitted that she wasn't one to really play with it herself, so she was clueless.

Finally, the next day, Jayce turned it on, pushed the lever up, and moved backwards through the alphabet. He is a good "fixer" of things. He knows how to get tops unscrewed, we found out, when we found him covered in apple juice one day. I even bought him some of those "snack trap" cups. You know, the ones that have rubber tops to catch the food if the cup gets turned over? You can put your hand in and take food out, but its supposed to be hard to dump the whole cup out. Jayce had it less than a minute before he was covered in baby goldfish in his carseat. He simply held the cup upside down over his head, looked at it, and stuck one finger up in side to move the rubber aside. And down came the fish.

He's way too smart.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My son, the tylenol addict

Baby Jayce is addicted to tylenol. Not really for pain relief, but for the flavor instead. And he can't stop chewing the rubber medicine dropper tops. He has one in his hand constantly. He'll walk over to me and shake the bottle in my face and say "MOMMA!!! MOMMA!!! MOMMA!!" and then garble some uninteligble baby talk that means, "May I have some more tylenol please?". I quietly say, "No more tylenol, baby" and he says, "More?" Then he'll ask again in a few minutes.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Uninterrupted Sleep

Who knew that my son would just now be "sleeping through the night" at 14 months old? I really do hate that term. Medically, it means that your baby/child can sleep 5 consecuative hours before needing to eat. So, technically, Jayce has slept through the night off and on since birth!

I really blame reflux for his sleeping habits. My poor baby has been in so much pain his first year of life while we were trying to find medication that would relieve his symptoms. I keep hearing how heartburn can really hurt while you are laying down trying to sleep, so I try to keep that in mind when he would wake up crying.

But I think we are done with all of that. His reflux is under control and we are waiting for him to outgrow it. He's eating and nursing well during the day. He never gets sick. All of his molars are in. So, I decided that it was time for us to stop nursing at night.

The first night was easy. He took a sip of juice, laid his head on my chest and cuddled me until he went back to sleep. The next night, he didn't wake up and cry once. Then the next night was our test. He cried and cried and cried. Nothing I did could console him. He wanted one thing and one thing only. To nurse. He threw his juice cup on the floor. He kept pushing my hand away as I tried to pat his back. He didn't want me to rock him or walk around with him. I finally laid an unhappy baby in his crib and watched as he settled down, dissapointed. But it was soon forgotten by morning time when he woke up happy and smiling at me. The next night (last night) he did not have any night wakings.

I love my local LLL group for helping me overcome any obstacles I have while nursing my children. And for letting me have an outlet for any of my guilty feelings as a parent. I just want to do what's best and right by my children. I am so lucky to have such a great support group at LLL and APU.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

4th of July

Our vacation this year consisted of driving down to Atlanta to not only see Grandpa and Grandma Kim, but also to see all 3 of my brothers and their families as well! Living 12 hours away from each other is just too much! But we made the most of the time we had together.

Jaina and Joshua (my oldest brother Jeremy's son) were inseperable the entire time we were there! Last time we saw them, 9 months of age difference was huge. This time the age difference hardly mattered at all. They danced together, played "tent" under the dining room table, watched movies together, played trains together, and swam in the pool every morning. As long as they were together, they were happy! We got to stay in a hotel this time, with rooms right next to each other.

Jaina not only had fun playing with her cousin, but she also spent time with her favorite uncle! Since we all have names that start with "J" and all her uncles live in other states, Jaina gets confused a lot. For a week before our trip, she kept telling everyone how much she missed her uncle Jason. She wanted to see Uncle Jason right now, wanted to call him on the phone, and planned on sleeping in his bed on our vacation! Finally, I asked her if she even knew who uncle Jason was... "Sure," she says, "The uncle that drives the new red car and we see him when we go to Grandpa's house". Um... that happens to be Uncle Jeff! Sure enough, when she got all 3 of her uncles in the same room, she declared Uncle Jeff to be her favorite. No hard feelings for the other uncles, though. They know a 4 year old girl can change her mind at any time!

Ofcourse, the mommies had the most fun just hanging out and chasing kids! Aunt Melissa was so sweet to look after all 4 of the little ones so I could get a break once in a while. Spending those few days together makes me sad that we can't hang out like that *all* the time, but it just made me determined to save money to purchase plane tickets to Florida in the Spring! It was so much fun meeting our newest member of the family... Baby Justin! What a sweet and happy baby! I even got to hold him without Jayce getting *too* upset. However, Jayce's curious fingers often poked Justin in the face. For a while there, Justin wasn't so sure of his 14 month old cousin!

And then there was Jayce....that little stinkerpot. What did he NOT get into? We had only been there a few hours before he climbs out of his high chair onto the table, straight for a bowl of salsa. Then, later, he walks into the hallway with one of my stepmom's handmade blue pottery bowls. Before I could grab it, he throws it on the hardwood floor and smashes it into little pieces. As I vacuumed it up, he then falls backwards down the hardwood stairs. Amazingly, there are no scratches. Until 30 minutes later when I go to use the rest room and he decides to headbutt the hard wooden bathroom door! Later, he falls off the hotel bed and hits the other side of his head on the wall. Oh well, atleast he has matching bruises now! On the night of 4th of July, we had a huge turnout at my dad's house. I had just finished asking some of the guests to please keep all bathroom doors shut when I realize I don't know where Jayce is. Yep, sure enough, sitting on the bathroom floor with his favorite blanket in the toilet. YUCK! Then Joshua runs through and slips in the mess. It was not a good night! We didn't get to shoot all the fireworks because of an unexpected rain storm.

All in all, we had a great time! I wish our family could get together more often!