My son, the tylenol addict

Baby Jayce is addicted to tylenol. Not really for pain relief, but for the flavor instead. And he can't stop chewing the rubber medicine dropper tops. He has one in his hand constantly. He'll walk over to me and shake the bottle in my face and say "MOMMA!!! MOMMA!!! MOMMA!!" and then garble some uninteligble baby talk that means, "May I have some more tylenol please?". I quietly say, "No more tylenol, baby" and he says, "More?" Then he'll ask again in a few minutes.


  1. These photos of Jayce with the Tylenol are too cute. When we give Philip Tylenol, he's usually fussing, but as soon as he tastes it he gets happy. The fussing returns when he realizes he's not getting any more. Too bad adult meds are not that yummy!

  2. your boy is hella cute, yo!


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