Tuesday, April 30, 2013

College Ball

Jayce is fascinated with the idea that you can play baseball and get paid for it as a professional. He keeps asking, "So, after I play Little League, I go to Player Pitch and then High School baseball, then college baseball, then minor leagues and THEN major leagues?"

It might not have been an Atlanta Braves game, but we did get to go see a College baseball game the other night.

The D2 tornadoes were special guests at the game.

They even got to run out on the field with the college player that shares the same position.

(my shots were all over exposed because Jayce was supposed to go last, not first. I was on the phone with a teammate's mom at the time. Her husband and son had trouble finding the field! So, here is a shot of him running OFF the field. I know, not so exciting!)

Jayce partnered up with Clark Wise, #5. We cheered for him all night.

I think the kids were more excited about the real reason we were at the game, at least, in their eyes.

Jayce practiced spitting sunflower seed hulls.

Oh, what a proud mom am I.

(Yuck, I hate spitting!)

Although our team lost, we sure had a great time!

Many thanks to my mom for taking Jaina to soccer practice and to Hannah for babysitting Jocelyn!

Monday, April 29, 2013

15 Months

I love this age so much!

The curiosity, the infectious giggle, the big personalities shining through even though they are still tiny.

I know I said I could still call her "the baby" until she started walking...

But Jocelyn shows a maturity beyond the infant years. She truly is a toddler now, even if she can't toddle.

She has no trouble getting around, believe me. And monkey is her faithful side kick in all her adventures.

At 15 months:

- sleeps from 9 pm- 8 AM four or five times a week
(don't ask about the other nights)
- weighs about 22 lbs
- says Momma, dora, mon (for monkey), boots, backpack, hey, dog, uh-oh, dada, quack quack, and moo, and now says No No, and shhhh.
- can sing "row row row" and "ba ba ba" from Row your Boat and Ba Ba black sheep.
- does the hand motions to Wheels on the bus, Itsy Bitsy spider, No more Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Pat-a-cake, etc.
- can wave bye-bye, point, clap and say "YAY!", put finger on mouth and say shhh, and wave finger to say No No.
- identifies ear, nose, mouth on faces.
- is a very picky eater. Not as bad as Jayce, but close.

A little update about her braces:

So, we got her fitted for these SMO braces about two weeks ago. Lucky for us, she didn't have to be casted. Whew! She would not have liked that!

Its taken over a week for insurance to receive the pre-authorization and finally approve them. Insurance will pay 80%, thank goodness, but that 20% that we are left with is certainly higher than I would have liked.

We are hoping she will only need to wear these SMOs for a year, tops.

In the past four weeks, Jocelyn has made only minimal progress in terms of standing.

She can now get down from a standing position at the coffee table by kneeling.

She can hold on to the table with one hand and reach for a toy with her opposite hand. She has taken one step to the side to better reach something on the table, but is not cruising yet.

She will only pull up on the hard surface of the floor, not the bed or the couch or stand on our legs.

She will only pull up on stable surfaces, like the coffee table or a stationary chair. She will not stand behind a push toy or pull up on the Little Tykes plastic kid chairs because they can move.

The SMOs will give her foot and ankle some stability. Then we can do some exercises with her to help her learn how to cruise furniture, stand independently, walk holding onto a push toy, and walk holding on to our hands.

Its my personal goal for her to be walking by the time we leave for the beach on July 4th. Even if its not independent steps, I want her to be able to practice standing and walking, with support, on the beach.

Thank you for all the well wishes and support you've given Jocelyn thus far!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Flashback Friday: Gray and Jaina

Summer, 2004. Reading Garden at main branch library.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Milliken Family Day 2013

Milliken Family day(s) was such a success last year and we are thankful the good people in charge at Milliken decided to bring it back this year, too! You can read about our adventures in 2012 at this post.

 We started the fun day off with Jayce being terrified of bees. This is not a new fear but it seems to be exponentially worse this year than ones past. We have him in counseling to help deal with his extreme anxiety and things will hopefully look up soon for him. If not, it will be a loooonnnng summer.

The weather was gorgeous but Jayce refused to take his jacket off when we were outside. Less skin showing means less skin for bees to sting.

Jocelyn couldn't have cared less about bees. She was just mad that we made her ride in the stroller while we were outside.

Jayce finally stopped being worried about bees long enough to participate in the Water Balloon throwing contest.

They didn't win, but just to see Jayce happy again was enough for me!

While Jaina waited in a long line for face painting, I took Jayce over to the Fire Department Smoke House.

Then it was time to go inside the building (Jayce was thrilled!) and check out all the products Milliken makes.

Jocelyn was not impressed. Her only thought was, "Let's blow this Popsicle stand".

(Ha ha ha... check out her outfit in this post and then go look at her outfit in last year's post. Totally not intentional!)

So this is what I did with Jocelyn for 30 minutes.

Climb stairs, look out window, go down ramp. Repeat. Again.

On our way to Brian's office, we stopped at the Coffee bar where Brian gets a coffee every day.

Brian's desk. It looks exactly the same as last year. Except that Brian's co-worker with the candy addiction moved cubicles.

Brian handled the kids being all up in his stuff for about 10 minutes. That was enough.

On our way out, we stopped at the science engineering station.

We can't wait until next year!!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cherry Blossom Festival

Over the past few weeks, the ornamental Japanese cherry trees that line the school pick up circle have been in full bloom. I love the sight of them as I wait for Jayce's class to be dismissed. Jayce does not, however, appreciate the bees that hover around the trees.

Spring means FUN at Jayce's school. We have festivals and field trips and field days and programs and book fair. All leading up to the end of school, which is fun on its own!

The Cherry Blossom festival was held last Thursday night. The girls got dressed up in cute clothes and posed for a picture with Grandma.

Jayce performed with the International Choir.

Then we visited the stations set up by the teachers. The kids practiced their chop stick skills, made wooden dolls, decorated a head band, and won some skittles.

But what the kids really wanted to do was go outside and get a snow cone :)

And what did Jocelyn do the whole time that big brother and big sister were having fun at the festival?

Oh well, maybe she'll get to participate next year!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Start of Spring Soccer

With all the baseball talk going around here, you might have thought that we had forgotten about Jaina. Not so! Jaina decided to play Spring Soccer with AYSO this year instead of Upward. This has been her first real introduction to soccer. She has learned SO much and is enjoying soccer even more.

Considering she has another game in 2 hours, I'd better get these up now!

Ayso U14 team means bigger fields...

Longer periods...

More players on the field...

And actually playing positions. 

It also means her Upwards friends are all on other teams that she will be playing against. 

Despite having to fight her friend Amy for control of the ball, when Jaina accidentally tripped on the field, Amy was the first one to ask her if she was all right.

All in all, Jaina loves it. But is super tired. Hey, but that's what soccer is all about :)