College Ball

Jayce is fascinated with the idea that you can play baseball and get paid for it as a professional. He keeps asking, "So, after I play Little League, I go to Player Pitch and then High School baseball, then college baseball, then minor leagues and THEN major leagues?"

It might not have been an Atlanta Braves game, but we did get to go see a College baseball game the other night.

The D2 tornadoes were special guests at the game.

They even got to run out on the field with the college player that shares the same position.

(my shots were all over exposed because Jayce was supposed to go last, not first. I was on the phone with a teammate's mom at the time. Her husband and son had trouble finding the field! So, here is a shot of him running OFF the field. I know, not so exciting!)

Jayce partnered up with Clark Wise, #5. We cheered for him all night.

I think the kids were more excited about the real reason we were at the game, at least, in their eyes.

Jayce practiced spitting sunflower seed hulls.

Oh, what a proud mom am I.

(Yuck, I hate spitting!)

Although our team lost, we sure had a great time!

Many thanks to my mom for taking Jaina to soccer practice and to Hannah for babysitting Jocelyn!


  1. Fun! And I love baseball food.

  2. Jayce has the right idea! In my next life, I want to be a professional athlete, too. :) I mean, what is better than doing something you LOVE and getting paid to do it... AND keeping fit in the process? Win-win!


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