The Start of Spring Soccer

With all the baseball talk going around here, you might have thought that we had forgotten about Jaina. Not so! Jaina decided to play Spring Soccer with AYSO this year instead of Upward. This has been her first real introduction to soccer. She has learned SO much and is enjoying soccer even more.

Considering she has another game in 2 hours, I'd better get these up now!

Ayso U14 team means bigger fields...

Longer periods...

More players on the field...

And actually playing positions. 

It also means her Upwards friends are all on other teams that she will be playing against. 

Despite having to fight her friend Amy for control of the ball, when Jaina accidentally tripped on the field, Amy was the first one to ask her if she was all right.

All in all, Jaina loves it. But is super tired. Hey, but that's what soccer is all about :)


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