Cherry Blossom Festival

Over the past few weeks, the ornamental Japanese cherry trees that line the school pick up circle have been in full bloom. I love the sight of them as I wait for Jayce's class to be dismissed. Jayce does not, however, appreciate the bees that hover around the trees.

Spring means FUN at Jayce's school. We have festivals and field trips and field days and programs and book fair. All leading up to the end of school, which is fun on its own!

The Cherry Blossom festival was held last Thursday night. The girls got dressed up in cute clothes and posed for a picture with Grandma.

Jayce performed with the International Choir.

Then we visited the stations set up by the teachers. The kids practiced their chop stick skills, made wooden dolls, decorated a head band, and won some skittles.

But what the kids really wanted to do was go outside and get a snow cone :)

And what did Jocelyn do the whole time that big brother and big sister were having fun at the festival?

Oh well, maybe she'll get to participate next year!


  1. love that last pic!! looks like such an awesome time!!!

  2. Haha! Jocelyn looks like she enjoyed it. ;)

  3. Haha! Jocelyn looks like she enjoyed it! :)


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