Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ballerina Girl

On Wednesday night, Jaina's fantasy became a reality as she attended her very first dance class.

I have to admit, I was nervous. As a three year old, Jaina wanted nothing to do with ballet. It was all about gymnastics, and only gymnastics. After 9 months of gymnastics class, she was excited to be able to move to the next level. She had no fear of the beam or bar. She practiced her forward rolls and headstands at home. She was ready for cartwheels, she says.

... Then she saw an Angelina Ballerina video and it all changed. She would put on her gymnastics leotard and dress-up slippers and pretend to be a ballerina. I think it also helped that our next-door-neighbors really enjoyed their dance classes, too!

So, I called around and tried to find a dance company whose class schedule would work. I had completely forgotten that my college, Converse, offered dance at their Alia Lawson Pre-college department. I have high hopes that Jaina will one day study piano there as well.

I come to find out that my old classmate, Breanna, is now in charge of the pre-college dance department. Breanna graduated a year behind me, also with a BA in Psychology.

I enrolled Jaina in their pre-dance evening class. Its perfect! Only 5 girls total. Jaina is the oldest, but the only one with no prior dance experience, so it works out great!

She loved it. I asked her what was her favorite and she said, "Tap. No, ballet. No, tumbling. No, tap!" LOL! Since it is a pre-dance class, they do a little bit of tumbling, which was right up her alley.

Now, poor baby Jayce pitched a fit several times standing outside the door of the studio. He wanted to take dance, too! Poor little guy always wants to be doing what his sister is doing. He did have fun, though, running up and down the halls of the student center. Next week, he'll have a new little girlfriend to play with. I'll be sure to get pictures!

All in all, it was a great experience and she is looking forward to her class next week as well!

Monday, August 21, 2006

All by himself

My big boy!!! *sniff sniff* I don't know why it always hits how much my children are growing and changing when I come to blog about them? Its not like I was going to cry watching him feed himself yogurt the other day. But now that I am writing about it and posting pictures, its really hit me.

Jayce will be 16 months old next week. This toddler stage is usually my favorite age/stage of kids I babysit for and my own. Jayce as a toddler will not be an exception. I love how they learn so much right now. You can tell him, "Go outside? Go get your shoes!" and he runs to the hallway to grab his shoes and take them to the door. Then he sits down and says, "On? On?" until I help him put them on.

We are having fun playing together while Jaina is at preschool in the morning. First we walk with our neighbor and her little boy. Then I grab a quick shower while he watches his coveted Baby Einstein video for the day. After that, its time for either MOMS Club stuff or cleaning the house. I think we like MOMS Club stuff better!

And speaking of cleaning... boy is feeding yourself messy!!! Thank goodness Daddy isn't home most days to see this! He'd have a heart attack!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

First day of 4-K

Isn't she just so cute??? My oldest baby started 4 year old pre-k on Monday. So far so good! She loves it. Her teacher, Miss BJ, said that her class was very activity-based. Lots of coloring, painting, glueing, cutting, etc. That is right up Jaina's alley! I haven't gotten to see anything yet. Jaina says they have been making frogs the past few days to decorate their "lily pad" (aka classroom). How cute!

There are 12 kids so far that I've counted in her class, but I think the limit is 16! I hope it doesn't get that big! Only two little friends from last year's class are in her 4-K room this year. Jaina was very sad to see that Abby is next door instead. But we'll just have to make playdates instead! Jaina's 3 year old teacher has taken the Music Teacher position and will also be teaching Spanish every week to the kids! Since I absolutely adore her teacher from last year, we are very happy about that!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Big Fountain

Our town might not have have a ton of stuff to do, but we do have some things. Jaina and Jayce have really enjoyed playing in the interactive fountain at Barnet Park this summer. The first time we went with MOMS Club, there were other groups there and it was pretty crowded. This time, my kids were the only ones. They had a blast! And best of all... its FREE!

I just love that picture of Jayce!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Reading Garden

One of the best things about going to our storytime at the Downtown Library is their beautiful reading garden. It doesn't matter if its blazing hot or freezing cold. Unless it is raining, I let the kids run off some energy every Thursday morning after storytime is complete.

Jaina is absolutely sick of me taking her picture while she is trying to play with her friends. But I don't want to miss anything from this stage in her life. So soon your memory fades and all you have left are pictures and words to describe your children as they are now.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Something happened with our beloved groomer of over 5 years. We had heard through the grapevine at the dog food supply store that she was in the hospital. Then there was a note saying that she'd be back in town in 3 weeks. This was back in June and we haven't heard a word. So, we finally had to make arrangements to get Alli groomed somewhere else.

I drove the dog 30 minutes North to Lake Bowen to see a groomer there. While we were there, we stopped long enough at Anchor Park for Jayce to walk into a swing. It was empty, thank goodness, but as you can see, he bumped it well enough anyway.

What is up with Jayce always hitting his head? He hits his head on a daily basis. I am surprised that he doesn't have a skull fracture or brain damage! Seriously, when he learned to crawl, he would bob his head back and forth while he did it. Smack, right into the door frame, table legs, chair legs, furniture. I thought it would be better when he learned to walk, but it hasn't. Now he just falls down and bumps his head. Poor little guy!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Beep Beep Horn

My new favorite picture:

I don't know when it started. But at some point during Jaina's toddlerhood, we started walking Daddy out to the car in the mornings when he left for work. He'd hold her on his lap and let her BEEP the horn. We continued it and now its Jayce AND Jaina's favorite thing to do in the morning. Ofcourse, they both fight over Daddy's lap!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kidsenses Science Museum

Its already been over a week since we went, but I am not too swift at posting pictures on blogger on the day they actually happen. So, here ya go!

For those of you who don't know, Kidsenses Science Museum, in Rutherfordton, NC, is just one huge place for kids to play. Admission is only $5, and its sooo worth it. They have about 10 different rooms or themed areas to play in.

This is Jaina at the art center:

Jayce couldn't decide whether to play with the train table or the bead table:


Yes, fishing. I know what you all are thinking. My husband, Brian, took Jaina fishing? Yeah, I could hardly believe it myself.
film at 11:00.

Actually, his good buddy Garrett suggested that they take Jaina out on his fishing boat. Jaina was soooo excited! We bought her a Dora lifejacket and everything. Brian warned her that they were going to use live crickets as bait. She was a little sad until she saw the big ugly brown crickets and said, "Those don't look like the cute crickets I know!"

They had a great afternoon out on Lake Bowen. Since I had to work, Jayce was babysat by Garrett's wife. I hope they still want kids after their experience!