All by himself

My big boy!!! *sniff sniff* I don't know why it always hits how much my children are growing and changing when I come to blog about them? Its not like I was going to cry watching him feed himself yogurt the other day. But now that I am writing about it and posting pictures, its really hit me.

Jayce will be 16 months old next week. This toddler stage is usually my favorite age/stage of kids I babysit for and my own. Jayce as a toddler will not be an exception. I love how they learn so much right now. You can tell him, "Go outside? Go get your shoes!" and he runs to the hallway to grab his shoes and take them to the door. Then he sits down and says, "On? On?" until I help him put them on.

We are having fun playing together while Jaina is at preschool in the morning. First we walk with our neighbor and her little boy. Then I grab a quick shower while he watches his coveted Baby Einstein video for the day. After that, its time for either MOMS Club stuff or cleaning the house. I think we like MOMS Club stuff better!

And speaking of cleaning... boy is feeding yourself messy!!! Thank goodness Daddy isn't home most days to see this! He'd have a heart attack!


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