Thursday, May 31, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

If Jocelyn could talk, I think she'd have had this conversation in her head today:

"Oh, Hi Mr. Giraffe. You look pretty neat."

"Oh, but there's my mommy. She's even more fun to look at."

"Well, but you are awfully cute, Mr. Giraffe."

"I'm mesmerized by your eyes..."

"I think I love you, Mr. Giraffe."

"But wait!"

"I love my mommy more."

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Field Day 2012

My heart broke a little at last year's Field Day. Jayce was a newly turned 6-year-old and just about to finish up his first year of kindergarten.

The shirt that he picked out to tie-dye with his class was two sizes too small.

But what really made him stand out was coming in last... dead last... in every event. 

I feel like he was waving a flag that said, "Hey! I have special needs!" And that broke my heart.

But this year? Totally fit right in.

Okay, so he might have come in last again this year.... but it was just a little bit behind his peers.

My boy had a smile on his face the whole time. He participated in every event.

Brian and Jocelyn chilled on the sidelines while I snapped pictures of my boy.

I love this next picture of Brian. Its totally him. He is such a big kid himself.

I was disappointed to find out that Jaina's school was not having a field day. And then, in true Intermediate School fashion, the principal decided that they were going to have one. But parents were not invited. One more year there, one more year. Then I can tell everyone at that school to go bite me.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Four Months

Oh, Jocelyn....

Do you have to be four months old already?

Your personality continues to grow each and every day. You are the smiliest and happiest baby there ever was. Unless your tummy hurts. Then you can cry with the best of them!

Your siblings absolutely adore you. Even kids that aren't your brother or sister absolutely adore you. I don't think there is hardly ever a time when someone is not giving you attention. You reward them with the best smiles.

Jayce wanted to get in on your 4 month photo shoot with you. You think he's a pretty funny guy.

At four months old you:

- love to eat your hands
- drool all over the place
- roll from front to back, back to front.
- grab toys and attempt to get them in your mouth. I'd say you have a 50% success rate with accomplishing this task.
- "talk" to us all the time
- get up 1-2 times a night to eat
- take 3-4 naps a day
- eat from a bottle at least once a day
- wearing 3-6 month size clothes
- wearing a size 2 diaper in disposables, size 1 (small) in cloth

I haven't taken you for your 4 month well baby check up yet, so I can only guess at how much you weigh. I think its 13 lbs. Jayce thinks you are 24 inches long. We'll see how far we are off next week!

I know it doesn't look like you've grown TOO much since your 3 month picture, but you really have! That is not the same size onesie. You do a great job filling out the 3-6 month size now!

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Today I spent way too much time working on different layouts for my blog. I changed the side bars, adjusted widths, played with different colors and texts... and basically was unhappy with anything I created.

Then I finally found a blog background that I liked. Customizing it was pretty simple, too.

Its the header that always gives me a headache. Sometimes I get my friend Melissa from A Bushy Life to create my headers for me. She does a great job and fits well in my budget :)

But it makes me frustrated that I can't figure out how to do things myself. I may not be a graphic artist by any means, but I'm certainly not computer illiterate. I own all the basic graphic programs and then some.

So, I sat down and googled "how to make blog headers" and watched a bunch of tutorials. I got interrupted a few times by a nursing baby or an arguing older kid, but that's part for the course.

Then I brought Disqus back to my blog as well. I'm not 100% in love with this commenting program, but it does seem to allow more of my local friends and family to be able to comment without problem.

Readers, thanks for hanging in there while I had a bit of blogging ADHD. I hope to keep this one for a while :)

Maybe I'll finally have time now to catch up on all the posts I need to write! Next up... field day!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Its fun to stay at the YMCA

We rocked a swimming party at the newly constructed YMCA in town for Jaina's birthday.

My kids are famous for picking a non-traditional (read: can't find it at Party City) themed birthday party. If you remember, Jayce wanted Rhinoceroses for his birthday last month. Thank goodness Jaina actually picked owls this time around. Party City had a whole section of "Hippy Chick" owls and peace signs.
Many thanks to Dodi for doing the cake again!

The coolest feature of the new YMCA pool is the slide....

Even Brian went on it. He's such a big kid.

Jaina had a nice mix of friends who came to celebrate. Some were from school, some from her soccer team, some were old friends from MOMS Club.

See that big wall of glass that separates the pool from the party room?

Um, that actually isn't really a party room. Its a general snack lobby that is open to the public and not completely enclosed. But that's where our party was held. I was NOT a happy camper when I found that out. I think the mom that booked a party right after ours was even more livid than I was when she saw "the party room".

But, what are you going to do? They couldn't magically make a private party room appear, so we just moved some tables, kicked some YMCA members that were having a snack out, decorated, and proceeded to have our party anyway.

Jaina had a great birthday and in the end, that's all that mattered :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

Double Digits

I tell her all the time....


She SO doesn't listen.

In three short years, she'll be a teenager.

In six years, she'll be driving.

In eight years, shell be graduating high school.

But for now, she'll just be my little big girl.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Picking the best one

Please excuse the state of my blog over the next week or so. Its overdue for a blog make over and I'm still brainstorming on what I want it to look like :)

Digital photography rocks. No more is there a need to print bad pictures. Now you can take 1,000 photos of your pet rock and only keep the two that are sharp, focused, composed, and exposed correctly. And ditch the 998 other ones that suck.

That's the theory anyway.

Does anyone else have a problem with deleting pictures of your KIDS, though?

I mean, they're my kids. Perfectly perfect in every way!

Okay, maybe not. I honestly don't have a problem deleting shots that have closed eyes or funny expressions. Or ones that are blurry, out of focus or exposed so poorly it can't be fixed.

But it IS hard to keep just a select few and toss the rest. Just ask my hard drive on my computer. I fully expect Brian to come tell me that my memory is full any day now.

I know deep down that I really don't NEED to save seven pictures of Jocelyn in her bouncy chair outside....

So, which ones would YOU get rid of?

(Don't worry, that was a rhetorical question)