Four Months

Oh, Jocelyn....

Do you have to be four months old already?

Your personality continues to grow each and every day. You are the smiliest and happiest baby there ever was. Unless your tummy hurts. Then you can cry with the best of them!

Your siblings absolutely adore you. Even kids that aren't your brother or sister absolutely adore you. I don't think there is hardly ever a time when someone is not giving you attention. You reward them with the best smiles.

Jayce wanted to get in on your 4 month photo shoot with you. You think he's a pretty funny guy.

At four months old you:

- love to eat your hands
- drool all over the place
- roll from front to back, back to front.
- grab toys and attempt to get them in your mouth. I'd say you have a 50% success rate with accomplishing this task.
- "talk" to us all the time
- get up 1-2 times a night to eat
- take 3-4 naps a day
- eat from a bottle at least once a day
- wearing 3-6 month size clothes
- wearing a size 2 diaper in disposables, size 1 (small) in cloth

I haven't taken you for your 4 month well baby check up yet, so I can only guess at how much you weigh. I think its 13 lbs. Jayce thinks you are 24 inches long. We'll see how far we are off next week!

I know it doesn't look like you've grown TOO much since your 3 month picture, but you really have! That is not the same size onesie. You do a great job filling out the 3-6 month size now!


  1. She is so beautiful!! I can't believe 4 months has flown by so quickly!

    Your blog header is awesome :)

  2. Precious! She is beautiful! Jericho gets lots of sibling attention too and he eats it up. Isnt it sweet to watch the older ones with the littke ones? Love the shots of Jocelyn & Jayce together! :) Jericho is about 19 pounds now. Haha...he is huge. (He will be 5 months on Saturday)


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