Its fun to stay at the YMCA

We rocked a swimming party at the newly constructed YMCA in town for Jaina's birthday.

My kids are famous for picking a non-traditional (read: can't find it at Party City) themed birthday party. If you remember, Jayce wanted Rhinoceroses for his birthday last month. Thank goodness Jaina actually picked owls this time around. Party City had a whole section of "Hippy Chick" owls and peace signs.
Many thanks to Dodi for doing the cake again!

The coolest feature of the new YMCA pool is the slide....

Even Brian went on it. He's such a big kid.

Jaina had a nice mix of friends who came to celebrate. Some were from school, some from her soccer team, some were old friends from MOMS Club.

See that big wall of glass that separates the pool from the party room?

Um, that actually isn't really a party room. Its a general snack lobby that is open to the public and not completely enclosed. But that's where our party was held. I was NOT a happy camper when I found that out. I think the mom that booked a party right after ours was even more livid than I was when she saw "the party room".

But, what are you going to do? They couldn't magically make a private party room appear, so we just moved some tables, kicked some YMCA members that were having a snack out, decorated, and proceeded to have our party anyway.

Jaina had a great birthday and in the end, that's all that mattered :)


  1. What a fun party! We are having Carson's 9th birthday at our newest YMCA. We will have one hour in the pool, one hour in the gym and one hour in the "real" party room! I bet you were ticked!


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