Picking the best one

Please excuse the state of my blog over the next week or so. Its overdue for a blog make over and I'm still brainstorming on what I want it to look like :)

Digital photography rocks. No more is there a need to print bad pictures. Now you can take 1,000 photos of your pet rock and only keep the two that are sharp, focused, composed, and exposed correctly. And ditch the 998 other ones that suck.

That's the theory anyway.

Does anyone else have a problem with deleting pictures of your KIDS, though?

I mean, they're my kids. Perfectly perfect in every way!

Okay, maybe not. I honestly don't have a problem deleting shots that have closed eyes or funny expressions. Or ones that are blurry, out of focus or exposed so poorly it can't be fixed.

But it IS hard to keep just a select few and toss the rest. Just ask my hard drive on my computer. I fully expect Brian to come tell me that my memory is full any day now.

I know deep down that I really don't NEED to save seven pictures of Jocelyn in her bouncy chair outside....

So, which ones would YOU get rid of?

(Don't worry, that was a rhetorical question)


  1. Even though it was rhetorical, I am glad you said you have a problem deleting a picture of your kids. I can't so I just keep filing them away on my digital space.

  2. I would keep them All!!!! So funny you are just like me: blog design ADD, and digital space issues.

  3. I have the same problem. Vince bought me a portable hard drive fairly inexpensive so when my computer gets full, I transfer them over to it. Works great!


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