Ten on 10: May

ten on ten button

once a month on the tenth taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding much life and beauty among the ordinary things of our day!
I remembered this month!!! Even with a bad case of mommy brain! I wish I could say I remembered to bring my camera with me all day.... but that would be a big fat "NO". Thanks to my cell phone, help from my friend Monica, and my son's DSi, I was able to capture each hour anyway.

8:00 AM
I just love that the little toddler I  babysit for likes to drink the milk out of her bowl like she's an adult.

Look who's awake! And already being patted on the head by above toddler :)

And look who's tired already again! Jocelyn can't stay awake longer than an hour in the mornings.

Mommy was tired, too. So I had a coke. I'm a little addicted to my 8 oz can of sunshine. I wish I could have it straight from a soda fountain with crushed ice. YUM.

12:00 PM
Look who's tired now? But its time to hit the road and head to La Leche League. She took a nap in the car.

1:00 PM
Crappy phone picture, but you get the gist. This is what the kids do while the moms talk about breastfeeding.

2:00 PM
Sometimes its Tetris. Most of the time its Mario. But at 2:00 PM, this is what I always do. It makes waiting in the car pool line almost bearable.

With the battery in my cell phone completely dead, I took my 3 o'clock picture with Jayce's DS. Classy, I know. If you can't tell, we went to Brusters to get ice cream.

4:00 PM
Fruit Salad for a snack. Yummy Yummy. Now I have The Wiggles stuck in my head.

5:00 PM
Jayce's tummy hurts during therapy today. He retreats to his bed to play DS because "it will make my tummy feel better, mommy."

We ended the day with a little piano practice. I even sat down myself and eeked out some Beethoven and Mendelssohn before the baby needed me.

It was a crazy hectic busy beautiful day. Like they all are around here :)


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